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July 3, 2008

Electronic Terrestrial

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Yes, Simple. Identify and Connect

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“Boom Blox” – Steven Spielberg’s first directorial venture in the gaming world.

16 Responses to “Electronic Terrestrial”

  1. Dibyo

    Steven Spielberg + Wii = Boom Blox.

  2. varuns88

    1.Steven Spielberg with Louis Castle,Vice President of EA Los Angeles.
    2.Boom Blox puzzle video game, developed and designed by EA in collaboration with Spielberg.

  3. joe

    (L to R)Steven Spielberg, Louis Castle and Boom Blox. EA developed Boom Blox with Spielberg.

  4. Speilberg teams up with EA to release ‘Boom Blox’ for the wii.

  5. Goyal

    Spielberg & Boom Blox – game developed with SS help by EA for Wii

  6. Phani

    Steven Spielberg(1) designed the game Boom Blox(2) for EA.

  7. Steven Spielberg(1) was involved in the devlopment of boom blox (2)

  8. Rohan

    steven spielberg and nintendo launched a game called boom blox

  9. Abi

    Boom Blox – Nintendo Wii games developed in collaboration with Spielberg.

  10. priyananda

    1. Steven Spielberg
    2. Boom Blox

    quote from wiki: Boom Blox is a puzzle video game for Wii and mobile devices developed by EA Los Angeles in conjunction with film director Steven Spielberg.

  11. 1) Steven spielberg
    2) boom blox

    connect: steven spielberg created boom blox in collaboration with EA. it was the first of 3 games

  12. madhur

    1. Steven Spielberg
    2. Boom Blox a puzzle video game for Wii

    In 2005, Spielberg signed with EA to collaborate on three games, one of which is Boom Blox

  13. rajeshvj

    2. Boom Blox game
    1. Steven Spielberg and the executive producer of the game, Louis Castle playing the game.

    Spielberg is designing 3 games for EA. Boom Blox is one of em, designed for the Wii-Nintendo.

  14. malcaluffin

    Steven Spielberg & Boom Blox. This Wii game is developed in collaboration with SS.

  15. svgreatest

    Bloom Blox is a puzzle video game developed by EA and Spielberg for the Wii and mobile devices

  16. gammafunction

    1. is Steven Spielberg
    2. is Boom Blox

    Spielberg and EA collaborated on this project to create a game which has been described as “Jenga meets Tetris Blast, Breakout, Duck Hunt, and Lego.”

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