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June 18, 2008

Understanding edward nashton

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Connect these cities

to this organization that was very useful to the Allies during WW2, and became terribly famous in many recent literary works.

Cracked by Dibyo , akhi , varuns88 , joe , vinod , duriel , Rey de Vaqueiros , udupendra and Tathagata Chatterjee.

The famous Bletchley Park “Station X”, which decoded various famous ciphers during WW2.

They had 3 outposts outside of Britain, at Delhi, Bangalore and Barrackpore, respectively :)

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  1. Dibyo

    The Wireless Experimental Centre was one of two overseas outposts of Station X, Bletchley Park, the British signals analysis centre during World War II. Situated at Anand Parbat outside Delhi, it was staffed by members of the Intelligence Corps, the British and Indian armies and the Air Force.

    Under Colonel Peter Marr-Johnson, it was used partly as a wireless intercept station for Japanese codes. There were two outstations at Bangalore and Barrackpore, and about 88 listening wireless sets around India, and several mobile Y-stations.

  2. sidsen

    C9315: enigma going purely on the title

  3. akhi

    Bletchley Park,(station x) , housed most of the codebreaking equipments during WW2 (known for breaking the german enigma)

    not sure about the connect part though,Delhi, Bangalore and calcutta?? housed the wireless experimental centre ,wireless sub centre and eastern wireles subcentre , all under cover for bletchley park’s outstations, respectively

    ah! enigma! :P

  4. varuns88

    1. New Delhi
    2. BoiledBeans City
    3. Mangal Pandey lost his cool here.

    And the organization is the Bletchley Park, remembered for cracking the Enigma cypher codes.

    connect-> During the Japanese invasion of Burma,in 1944,over 1000 codebreakers were employed at the Wireless Experimental Centre in Delhi, to work on Japanese codes. Bangalore and Barrackpore were WEC’s major outstations.Apart from WEC, teams from Bletchley Park,worked on major codes.

  5. joe

    I’m guessing the cities are Delhi, Bangalore and Barrackpore. The other pic is of Bletchley Park a.k.a. Station X. the head of Britain’s wartime cryptanalysis efforts. Station X. had an outpost in Delhi with outstations in Bangalore and Barrackpore to listen in on Japanese communications.

  6. vinod

    This is photo the of Bletchley park, UK code breaking establishment during the WW2 which broke engima etc

    The outstations for Bletchley park under the cover name Wireless experimental centre were located in Delhi, bangalore and barrackpore near Kolkata

  7. duriel

    Delhi, Bangalore, Barrackpore
    Bletchley Park.

    Wireless Experimental Centre, British signals analysis centre. There were stations in these cities, to listen to Japanese transmissions during ww2.

  8. Rey de Vaqueiros

    The code breaking center at ‘Bletchley Park’. The ‘Wireless Experimental Centre’ at Delhi was an overseas outpost, apparently, listening in on Japanese communication. The other two cities are Bangalore and Barrackpore. They were also some sort of listening posts for Bletchley Park.

  9. udupendra

    WEC ouposts aiding BP

  10. Tathagata Chatterjee

    Responsible for breaking the codes from Enigma Machine.

    Tathagata Chatterjee

    Vis : Bletchley Park

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