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June 16, 2008


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What is this strange device?

A convoluted clue:

(Explain the clue for bonus points :-) )

Cracked by Rohan , akhi , udupendra , varuns88 , vinod and jayanth.

The device is the so-called “Tactical” biorefinery, in development at Purdue. It converts biodegradable waste (trash, essentially) into usable power…

The second device has nothing to do with the Trojan Room coffee pot. It is a simple Mr. Coffee brand coffee maker. However, The Back to the Future series had a “Mr Fusion” device on the DeLorean Time Machine. This device used garbage to do some nuclear fusion business, somewhat akin to what Purdue’s biorefinery does (minus the onepointtwentyone jiggawatts of awesome in that movie). Mr Fusion is a parody  of Mr Coffee :)

11 Responses to “Not GIGO?”

  1. Rohan

    At Purdue, a model of Mr. Fusion from Back to the future that can turn food, paper etc into energy. Mr Fusion from the back to the future gets its name from Mr. Coffee brand of coffee makers

  2. shyam

    Webcam ?

  3. akhi

    A Portable “tactical” Refinery Powered by Garbage , developed by researchers at Purdue university. It converts waste to electricity.

    Coffee maker is also used as a source for alternative energy ? as in a fusion reactor ? as in it can power a car or something ?

  4. akhi

    doh! that clue was some sorta time machine stuff in the movie back to the future… (thought it was for real! :P )

  5. wasi manazir

    some strange coffee making machine?

  6. udupendra

    Not GIGO, but GIEO – Garbage In Electricity Out.

    Now for bonus points – a similar device (in terms of functionality) exists in the Back To The Future universe. It resembles a coffee maker, and is named Mr. Fusion in the movies, a parody of the Mr. Coffee brand of coffee makers.

  7. varuns88

    Mosier Biorefinery,a portable device which turns garbage into biofuels to run electrical generators.So essentially,its a garbage-to-electricity device..

  8. vinod

    Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor is the name of a power source used by the De Lorean time machine in the Back to the Future trilogy. The picture is an actual prototype of the reactor in development

    The clue is maker,Mr. fusion is parody on

  9. varuns88

    Mr.Coffee was parodied as Mr.Fusion,a device which converts household waste into electrical power, in Back To The Future movies.

  10. device tat converts garbage into electrical energy.. (the clue has something to do with the trojan room coffee pot?)

  11. the device is called a Tactical Biorefinery.

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