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May 21, 2008

Retro OLPC

devadutta @ 9:13 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1211404421 ) Play

Identify 1 and connect to 2

Cracked by: duriel , varuns88 , akhi , Dibyo , BiGFooT , Prasad , udupendra.


1. Logo of BBC Micro (BBC Microcomputer System) from the BBC Computer Literacy Project

2. Designed and built by Acorn Computers

quoting duriel ;)

9 Responses to “Retro OLPC”

  1. duriel

    Logo of BBC Micro (BBC Microcomputer System)
    from the BBC Computer Literacy Project.

    Designed and built by Acorn Computers.

  2. varuns88

    1.Logo of BBC’s Computer Literacy Project
    2.An acorn

    Connect->Computers built by Acorn Computers Ltd were used in this project.Hence the logo appears on all comps.
    The logo also appears in BBC’s Internet Blog

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  4. akhi

    1. The BBC computer literacy product called “OWL” , that appeared on the Archimedes 300 series

    2. acorn ? as in symbolizing acorn computers , whose keyboard had the owl feature ?

  5. Dibyo

    1. BBC Microcomputer System (or the BBC Micro)
    2. Acorn – Acorn computers was the name of the maker of the BBC Micro

  6. BiGFooT

    Apologies if i`m reposting , but not sure if my earlier comment got posted properly :

    2 is the logo of Acorn Computers, whose Proton series became very popular after being selected as the official
    “BBC Micro” system, as featured on their popular BBC Computer Literacy Project ( whose logo was 1).
    The tons of money thus made were used to diversify Acorn into RISC Machines – which eventually became ARM.

  7. Prasad

    1 is the logo for BBC Micro series of computers, part of the BBC Computer Literacy Project
    2 is a pic of an acorn.
    The micros were made by a company called Acorn Computers.

  8. udupendra

    The owl is the logo of the BBC’s Computer Literacy Project which used computers produced by Acorn Computers. The second visual is that of an acorn.

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