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May 18, 2008

Only the best is good enough

srikanth @ 9:02 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1211144573 ) Play

(1) created, developed and patented [(2)] a series of items, which he tried to sell through his company. Though they never took off in his time a Danish carpenter was inspired by these designs, and started manufacturing them through his company (X). They eventually became wildly popular.

Identify (1), (2) and (X)

Cracked, in whole or in part, by varuns88 , pratap , Dibyo , yaksha , srikar , Tathagata Chatterjee , prasanth , Rahul , madhur , duriel , sidsen , udupendra , jayanth , shenoyvarun86 and BiGFooT.

sidsen: As you wish :) If your valiant efforts at training bots do work out, we’ll soon be seeing really smart learning machines. And at that point I, for one, will welcome our artificially intelligent spambot overlords. However, till then, are there any known bots (spam or otherwise) that are capable of learning from context, yet? I am very intrigued by the concept.


  1. Hilarry Harry Fisher Page
  2. The Self Locking Brick patent
  3. Lego

15 Responses to “Only the best is good enough”

  1. varuns88

    1. Hilary Harry Fisher Page
    2. Kiddicraft’s Self-Locking Bricks
    X. Lego Group

  2. pratap

    Christensen, the self binding brick and LEGO.

  3. Dibyo

    1. Hillary Page
    2. Toy Building Blocks (the idea for Lego)
    X. Lego.

  4. yaksha

    Hilary Fisher Page
    Kiddicraft Self-Locking Building Brick
    Ole Kirk Christiansen,Lego

  5. 1) Hilary Harry Fisher Page
    2) Kiddicraft or toy building blocks or self locking bricks
    X) Lego Group

    The swedish carpenter was: Ole Kirk Christiansen

  6. Tathagata Chatterjee

    1) Hilary Fisher Page
    2) Automatic Binding Bricks
    X) Lego

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  7. 1) Hilary harry fisher page (kiddicraft)
    2)self-locking bricks


    carpenter: ole kirk christiansen

  8. Rahul

    X=Lego! That patent pic was a dead give away (especially the lego brick on the top left)

    1> Harry Fisher
    2> Kiddicraft Self-Locking Building Bricks

  9. madhur

    1–> Hilary Harry Fisher Page who founded Kiddicraft which failed
    2–> Self Locking Bricks patent for ‘Toy Building Blocks’

    X–> Lego founded by danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen

  10. duriel

    1. Hilary Fisher Page

    2. UK patent 633055. Improvements in Toy Building Blocks. Jun 25, 1949.

    X. Lego

    ps: Remove the patent number from the diagram next time

  11. sidsen

    “B1058”: Harry Fisher Page – self locking bricks – lego.

    Re: captcha – its too much effort to register. just bear with the image being written.

  12. udupendra

    Hilary Page, Self locking Bricks, Lego.

  13. Hilary Harry Fisher Page, kiddicraft and lego

  14. Lego bricks!I dunno the names!
    2 is probably kiddicraft brick the one designed by the british chap

  15. BiGFooT

    1 : Hillary Fisher Page
    2 : Kiddicraft Self-Locking Building Brick, originally patented in 1940
    X: Lego

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