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May 8, 2008

I spy with my little eye…

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Identify and connect

Cracked by: varuns88 , srikar and BiGFooT.

Keyhole inc. (first logo) had a product called Earth Viewer. The company name was in homage to the USAs Key Hole series of Reconnaissance satellites (Pictured, KH 4B). Earth Viewer and Key hole were bought by Google, and we now know it as Google Earth.

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  1. varuns88

    1.Keyhole,Inc’s logo
    2.KH-4B Corona satellite
    3.Google Earth logo

    Connect-> Google Earth was created by Keyhole,Inc ,which was later acquired by Google in 2004.The name “Keyhole” is an homage to the KH reconnaissance satellites.

  2. Dibyo

    KH-4B Corona satellite
    Google Earth logo

    Connection is aerial photography/remote sensing?

  3. Atul Mathew

    Google Earth?

  4. Connect: “Keyhole”

    Google Earth logo and reconnaissance satellites, I think it’s ‘Corona’. Google Earth was acquired from a company called ‘keyhole’ (they had the product under the name ‘Earth Viewer’). Keyhole Inc. was bought by Google and renamed this application as Google Earth. Keyhole Inc. was a tribute to the reconnaissance satellites which were widely used in the 70’s, 80’s

  5. Google Earth

    1. Logo of Key Hole
    2. Taking pictures from a satellite?
    3. The Google Earth Logo ( After they acquired keyhole )

  6. BiGFooT

    Connect : Keyhole Inc.
    1.The original Earth Viewer logo
    2. Keyhole was named after the KH-Corona series of military reconn satellites
    3. Google Earth, the present-day avatar of Earth Viewer

  7. akhi

    corona KH -4b reconnaissance satellite.. ? couldn’t connect though :(

  8. yaksha

    1>keyhole inc
    3>google earth
    connect virtual globe

  9. Arjun Chennu

    The Corona spy satellites of the US military, developed during the cold war to spy on the dirty commies.

    However, this led to some phenomenal development in space imaging technology… leading to consumer services like Google Earth and others.

  10. Anonymous

    Logo is of Google Earth and the picture is of the satellite used to take remote photographs which are uploaded on Google Earth

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