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May 6, 2008

Quizzicus Confusedus Boiledbeansiensis

srikanth @ 11:28 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1210116492 ) Play

(1) was chosen as the mascot for a product X, which forms the core for a major product Y.

(1) was named after (2), but the name was misspelt, and the wrong spelling stuck. (2) was chosen because he was a major proponent of (3)s work, and the community that chose (1) felt that it was analogical to the products X and Y.

But, interestingly, if anyone were to mention (1) and Y together, they would be breaking a lot of laws.

Identify 1, 2, 3 and X. Don’t identify Y, unless you want to be an outlaw :)

Dibyo, duriel, priyananda, Atul Mathew, jayanth and srikar chose to be outlaws. varuns88 and Ginkgo100 were very tactful while sandesh, akhi and Poornima played it safe. sidsen is secretly a lawyer.


  1. Hexley – the community-chosen mascot for Darwin (X), the core of (Y).
  2. Thomas Henry Huxley – Charles Darwin’s most famous proponent
  3. Charles Darwin – Er, no explanations needed.

12 Responses to “Quizzicus Confusedus Boiledbeansiensis”

  1. varuns88

    1. Hexley,the platypus.
    2. Thomas Henry Huxley
    3. Charles Darwin
    X. the OS,Darwin.
    Y. Znp BF K

  2. Dibyo

    1. Hexley
    2. Thomas Henry Huxley
    3. Charles Darwin
    X: Darwin
    Y: Mac OS X (yay, I’m an outlaw)

  3. sandesh

    1 Hexley the platypus.
    2 Huxley
    3 Darwin
    X: Darwin OS.

  4. duriel

    1. Hexley the platypus
    2. Thomas Henry Huxley
    3. Charles Darwin
    X. Darwin OS
    Y. Mac OSX

  5. akhi

    1 – Hexley (fork – “forking” by BSD daemon …. cooool ;) )

    X- Darwin ( a UNIX operating system )

    2- Thomas H’u’xley (biologist)
    3- Charles Darwin

  6. priyananda

    1. Hexley
    2. Thomas Huxley
    3. Darwin
    X. Darwin kernel
    Y. Mac OS X ( I\’m feeling rebellious )


  7. Atul Mathew

    2-Thomas Henry Huxley
    3-Charles Darwin

    Hexley was the mascot of the OS Darwin which the core of the Mac OS X Operating system.

  8. Poornima

    1: Hexley!
    2: Thomas Henry Huxley
    3: Charles Darwin
    X: Darwin OS

  9. (1) is Hexley, mascot for Darwin OS (X), core of a major product that… well, wouldn’t want to be an outlaw, so let’s just say it’s a computer named after a fruit (Y). (2) is Thomas Huxley, inventor of the term “agnosticism” and proponent of the theories of Charles Darwin (3).

  10. sidsen

    “5A68A”: just on a matter of legality, it wouldn’t be against the law to mention hexley and Y in the same sentence. strictly speaking. it might lead to a cause of action if you were to Hexley is affiliated to Y inc. but even that its unlikely to be against any applicable law, if you were under a reasonable but mistaken belief in this regard.

    I usually charge by the hour, but consider the above as a freebie.

  11. Hexley is the mascot of operating system Darwin(x), Thomas Henry Huxley (2) and carles darwin(3).. and just to break the law.. Darwin forms the core set of components upon which Mac OS X is based..

  12. 1 – Hexley logo for Darwin
    2 – Thomas Henry Huxley
    3 – Charles Darwin’s
    X – Hexley is the mascot of the open source operating system Darwin, which is the core of Apple Inc’s Mac OS X operating system.
    Y – Apple Mac OS X

    The name was a mistake — it was originally supposed to be named after Thomas Henry Huxley, a 19th century English biologist who was a well-known champion of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution (nick-named “Darwin’s bulldog”); however ignorance led not only to a mistake in Huxley’s name, but who he was (the developers apparently thought he was simply Darwin’s assistant, when in fact he was a prominent biologist in his own right). By the time the mistake had been discovered, however, it was deemed too late to change and the incorrect name “Hexley” was kept

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