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May 1, 2008

A pilot’s favorite watch

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Identify and connect

Cracked by: varuns88 , Dibyo , duriel , jayanth , Tathagata Chatterjee , yaksha , sandesh and Ginkgo100.


Full points for those who identified both

1. Breitling navitimer.
2. E6B Flight Computer.

E6B flight computer is a circular slide rule and pilots apparently use it even now. The watch features a circular slide rule on its dial for use by pilots..

12 Responses to “A pilot’s favorite watch”

  1. varuns88

    1.Breitling Navitimer
    2.ASA E6B Flight Computer

    Both watches have circular slide rules for aviation purpose(?)

  2. Sushil Kumar

    The connection is that the watch and the compass are products of Breitling Watch Company

  3. sidsen

    the 24 hour Navitimer

  4. Dibyo

    1. The Breitling Navitimer, which has a circular slide rule, for use by aircraft pilots.

    2. The E6B Flight Computer, also known as the “whiz wheel”, is a form of circular slide rule used in aviation.

    I’m guessing that “the circular slide rule for aircraft navigation” is the connection.

  5. Rohan

    Longines lindbergh collection??

  6. duriel

    1. Breitling Navitimer (watch with circular slide rule).
    2. E6B Flight Computer (circular slide rule).

    Connect: circular Slide rule used in flight computations.

  7. Breitling added a circular slide rule to the bezel of their chronograph models for use by aircraft pilots. This became the famous Navitimer model. During the 1950s and 1960s, a version of the Navitimer was offered by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association with the AOPA logo on the dial.

  8. Ajay Parasuram

    Aviator/Pilot watches which can measure Pressure, Air temperature etc
    (1) is Navitimer from Breitling..

  9. Tathagata Chatterjee

    Image on the left :The Breitling Navitimer
    Image on the right : E6B flight computer.
    Connection : The circular slide rule

    Navitimer has an integrated circular slide rule.
    Ditto for E6B.

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  10. yaksha

    1>Breitling Navitimer-has a circular slide rule on it
    2>circular slide rule

    for a pilot a watch with circular slide rule on it helps him a lot for doing things like simple conversions etc so it is called the ‘prayer wheel’

  11. sandesh

    1. Breitling navitimer.
    2. E6B Flight Computer.

    E6B slide rule is used by pilots, the same functions are available on navitimer too.

  12. (1) is a Breitling Navitimer, which incorporates a circular slide rule for use in aviation. (2) is an E6B Flight Computer, aka “Whiz Wheel”, which is also a circular slide rule. They are used for flight planning and to calculate ground speed. (Oh thank you Google and Wikipedia!)

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