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April 23, 2008


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Jet plane routes from Tokyo-LA and back.

Why are the routes different?

Cracked by everyone! duriel , teju , Ginkgo100 , pratap , manubhardwaj (nice find :) ) , Dibyo , varuns88 , shivathilak , Sandesh , shyam , Vinay , yaksha , Ganesh Prasad , Tathagata Chatterjee and shashank.


Jet Streams make Tokyo-LA faster, while taking the same route back will make the flight slower because of head winds.

15 Responses to “Fast!”

  1. duriel

    Jet Streams (fast flowing air currents) make planes faster in the green route.

    red route (great circle) is shorter, but slower.

  2. teju

    Flights to and from Tokyo and Los Angeles using the jet stream eastbound and a great circle route westbound. It is faster and cheaper to fly eastbound along with the jet stream and fly around the jet stream going westbound than it is to take the shorter great circle route between two points.

  3. The route from LA to Tokyo is along a Great Circle, meaning it is the most direct route possible.

    The route from Tokyo to LA is not on a Great Circle because it is faster to take advantage of the jet stream, which flows from west to east.

  4. pratap

    Jet Stream.
    The Tokyo-LA route can use the Jet Stream and save energy and time by flying faster.

  5. manubhardwaj

    Planes always fly along a jetstream if they can help it, but on the way back, they want to either avoid the original jetstream or fly along a different (helpful) jetstream going in the opposite direction.

    And it’s Tokyo – San Francisco, btw.

  6. Dibyo

    Green is a Jet Stream route, and Red is a Great Circle route.

  7. varuns88

    The route in green is the Jetstream route, and the one in red is the Great Circle route..
    Flying eastbound along with the jetstream helps reduce the time and hence is cheaper..But flying against the jetstream slows down the aircraft and hence they fly around the it,utilizing the Great Circle route..

  8. shivathilak

    the routes are different so that the planes can take advantage of the strong convection winds, reducing travel time and fuel cost.

  9. Sandesh

    Reason: Jet streams, the green line helps flights move faster or economically. But, while coming bak flights need to go against the stream, instead evade the stream and take a longer route.

  10. shyam

    because of Jet Streams!!

  11. Vinay

    Jet Stream : A high-speed, meandering wind current, generally moving from a westerly direction at speeds often exceeding 400 kilometers (250 miles) per hour at altitudes of 15 to 25 kilometers (10 to 15 miles).

    Flights from the USA headed east are routed to move with the Jet Stream so they can save about 30 minutes of travel time.

  12. yaksha

    jet stream given by the theory of Rossby waves

  13. Ganesh Prasad


  14. Tathagata Chatterjee

    I think its got to do with the direction of the jet streams, if you fly in the same direction, it takes much less time than going against it.
    Thus, flights to and from Tokyo and Los Angeles uses the jet stream eastbound and a great circle route westbound.
    Tathagata Chatterjee

  15. LA to Tokyo : The curved flight path is actually the shortest route b/w the two cities ( because of the curvature of the earth – “Great-circle navigation” )

    Tokyo to LA : A different Flight Path to take advantage of the Jet Streams.

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