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April 16, 2008

Look ma no hands

srikanth @ 11:57 am, GMT +0000 ( 1208347027 ) Play

This is a question by duriel… Thanks a bunch man. (MOAR Qs 2 PLZKTHX)


What’s going on?

Cracked by: varuns88 , teju , duriel , Sridhar C , shashank , Dibyo and madhur.

The device is called the “Neural Impulse Actuator”, developed by a company called OCZ. It “reads” your facial muscle movements and translates them to commands that your in-game character should take. The guy in the video is using the NIA to move and the mouse to shoot.

8 Responses to “Look ma no hands”

  1. varuns88

    The guy is using Neural Impulse Actuator to play the game.This technology uses the peripheral nerve activity as the input to control the PCs..

  2. teju

    OCZ neural headband controller or impulse actuator. The Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA) is a device developed by the OCZ Technology Group and is the first commercially available product of it’s kind, and uses biopotentials from the forehead to interface with a computer.

  3. duriel

    OCZ: Neural Impulse Actuator, controlling UT3 movement, jumping and shooting with the mind.

    Buy it here (only $169.00):

  4. Sridhar C

    It something like-this game is controlled by your mind;where you think you want to go the screen moves there.The mouse is only to operate the gun

  5. shivathilak

    someone testing out the new logitech mouse with movement keys on the scroll button?

  6. The guy is playing UT using the “Brain Mouse”.

    The device can measure brain waves and respond to triggers from muscles in your face, translating them into mouse movements and button presses.

  7. Dibyo

    Some sort of head-mounted controller for motion in FPS sort of games. I see that he’s using his eyes also, so it might be some derivative of an eye or blink tracking input.

  8. madhur

    OCZ’s Brain mouse or Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA) allows users to control PC Games without using the keyboard and with minimal use of a mouse. The NIA device measures a combination of EEG, muscle, and eye movement to control applications on a computer.

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