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April 13, 2008

Eek Do Teen

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Quoting Madhur (I am sleep deprived, thats my excuse ;) )

1. Sculpture in honor of Mendeleev and the periodic table, located in Bratislava, Slovakia

2. Numerals in Sanskrit

Mendeleev chose Sanskrit names (now-superseded) for eight elements in the periodic table. His chosen names are given as follows for eight elements which he predicted but were not discovered in his days.

Eka-aluminium —– Gallium
Eka-boron —– Scandium
Eka-silicon —– Germanium
Eka-manganese —– Technetium
Tri-manganese —– Rhenium
Dvi-tellurium —– Polonium
Dvi-caesium —– Francium
Eka-tantalum —– Protactinium

It appears that Mendeleev was inspired by the two-dimensional arrangement of Sanskrit sounds, which he indirectly acknowledged in his naming scheme of chemical elements. Also, Eka which is the Sanskrit for one or first, is a prefix which was applied to the first undiscovered element in a group of the periodic system

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