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March 27, 2008

Yet another bluish question

srikanth @ 10:36 am, GMT +0000 ( 1206614173 ) Play

A chance posting on slashdot and/or groklaw led to this meme getting created. Connect and explain:


(Back after a short hiatus… It looks like my internet connection decided to go on a vacation as soon as I came back from one… Thanks for covering up for me Mr. D :-) )

Cracked by: teju , udupendra , rishabh , akhi , Dibyo , jake , Shiva , Srikanth and The Nony Mouse.

Answer: IBM’s lawyers and legal team have been called the Nazgul (of LoTR fame). The meme originated in a slashdot posting and soon took root at groklaw. The comparison probably started when SCO (small fry) filed suit against IBM. Someone noted that IBM could “blacken the sky with their lawyers”. Other phrases about their “ruthlessness and utter dedication to their masters” were also thrown in to the ring, helping it along.

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