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March 5, 2008

No Time to Wait

devadutta @ 10:08 am, GMT +0000 ( 1204711686 ) Play

Connect these seemingly arbitrary bunch of places.

Mea Culpa. I had uploaded a wrong map. Please refresh page with Ctrl+F5 (FF) or Shift+F5 (IE)


Close up of the left


Hint: The list is not exhaustive. There are some, including the most popular version of the “connect” which cannot be placed on a map.

Cracked by Dibyo and pratap. Really hard to Google for the answer. Amazing work guys!


Most TCP Congestion control algorithms are named after places. The ones shown are Tahoe, Reno, Vegas, Westwood and Illinois.

The most commonly implemented version of congestion control is called TCP New Reno, which cannot be placed on the map :)

5 Responses to “No Time to Wait”

  1. Is this the proposed stations for the Interstate Maglev railway line?
    I haven been awarded the point for “happy meal”

  2. Dibyo

    TCP algorithms: Tahoe, Reno, Vegas, Illinois, Westwood

  3. Sandhip

    Amanda Avila – American idol contestant

  4. pratap

    Flavours of TCP. (Vegas Reno, Tahoe, etc)

  5. @shenoyvarun86: Your answer is not right.. or is it? :)

    Please post your feedbacks on the feedback page.. you will get quicker responses!


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