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February 15, 2008

He speaks fluent Navajo

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Connect. (Not really a list, not exhaustive).

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Cracked by: madhur , Dibyo , BiGFooT , duriel , Prasad and shashank.

Bruce Schneier.

The Pontifex/Solitaire cipher in Cryptonomicon was designed by him, the DaVinci Code referred to him, and he developed the blow-fish algorithm.

10 Responses to “He speaks fluent Navajo”

  1. udupendra

    Cryptographic algorithms

  2. madhur

    Cryptographer Bruce Schneier

  3. Dibyo

    Bruce Schneier

  4. BiGFooT

    Bruce Schneier – Cryptonomicon refers to his Solitaire algo , The Da Vinci code also mentions him as an eminent cryptographer and 3 is Blowfish , the encryption algo which he created.

    Title clue : Bruce Schneier facts !

  5. duriel

    Connect : Bruce Schneier.

    3. The Fish: Blowfish.
    As in, the Blowfish algorithm for encryption.
    This algo is by Bruce Schneier.

    2. Da Vinci Code:
    Bruce Schneier is mentioned in the Da Vinci Code
    “…praised modern cryptologists like Zimmermann and Schneier… ”

    1. Cryptonomicon:
    Schneier devised the Solitaire cipher, used in this book.

    The clue: Excerpt from a list of “true” bruce schneier facts, like:
    “Most people use passwords. Some people use passphrases. Bruce Schneier uses an epic passpoem, detailing the life and works of seven mythical Norse heroes.”

  6. Prasad

    Facts about Bruce Schneider.
    1. Cryptonomicon contains a detailed description and a perl script for the Solitair encryption algo
    2. Bruce Schneider is mentioned in the da vinci code as a famous crptyo dude..
    3. blowfish…

    And among the things you might not know yet,
    Sweeping NSA reforms will soon require all employees to grow a Bruce Schneier beard.

  7. Prasad

    Brilliant title by the way

  8. varuns88

    1 and 2 are two of the few works of fiction based on cryptography .

    3 refers to the Blowfish encryption algorithm

    connect -> Cryptography

  9. Bruce Schneier

    Designed Solitaire cryptographic algorithm at the request of Neal Stephenson for use in his novel Cryptonomicon.

    His name is mentioned in the da vinci code

    He came up with the blowfish algo

  10. crypto algorithims tat (can) use an s-box (give input and get output)..

    enigma code, cryptex and blow fish..

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