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February 13, 2008

I can’t get no relief

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Old fashioned question… You either know it or you don’t :). Connect.

Cracked by: duriel , RahulRanade , Tathagata Chatterjee , bobo , prasanth , jayanth , Dibyo , madhur and shashan.

A list of 7 of the 12 humanoid cylons from the 2004 BSG TV series.

[Spoiler]4 more are discovered among the crew of the Galactica at the end of the 3rd season. They all seem to have a capacity to hear someone playing a cover version of Bob Dylan’s “All along the watchtower”, that no one else can![/spoiler]

12 Responses to “I can’t get no relief”

  1. duriel

    Battlestar Galactica. The 7 significant Cylon Models

    Numbers Three, Six, Eight (The female characters)
    Number 5: The chap in red shirt.
    Unknown Model Numbers: Leoben Conoy, Brother Cavil, Simon

  2. RahulRanade

    These are the human formed cylons in Battlestar Galactica! :)

  3. Tathagata Chatterjee

    Battlestar Galactica ( TV series)
    I can identify two actors : Colin Lawrence, and Edward Olmos.
    Tathagata Chatterjee

  4. battlestar galactica

  5. Battlestar Galactica

    amazing series

  6. shivathilak

    guess i dont… :(

  7. shivathilak

    ok since there are six of them and an old dude, im gonna guess

    mighty morphin power rangers!

  8. these are the actors in the “reimagined” 2004 tv series version of battlestar galactica. (i think)

  9. OOOOOOoooo.. they are all actors who play Cylons in the re-imagined 2004 battlestar galactica series!

  10. Dibyo

    Connect is Battlestar Galactica, and the cylons, more specifically (I think)

  11. madhur

    Humanoid Cylons, appearing in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica television series, played by actors namely Rick Worthy, Tricia Helfer, Callum Keith Rennie,Lucy Lawless, Matthew Bennett, Grace Park and Dean Stockwell

  12. Cylons – from battlestar gallactica

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