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February 7, 2008

Perfectly uncomfortable pause

srikanth @ 11:39 am, GMT +0000 ( 1202384353 ) Play

Identify and connect.

  1. f3ccdd27d2000e3f9255a7e3e2c48800.JPG
  2. 156005c5baf40ff51a327f1c34f2975b.JPG

Total sitter. Cracked by:sidsen , madhur , duriel , Shreyas , Dibyo , prasanth , jayanth , udupendra , RajT and shashank.

(1) is the new Marvin in the latest H2G2 movie. (2) is the “old” Marvin from the H2G2 TV show making a cameo in the same movie (alongside the new Marvin’s arm).

14 Responses to “Perfectly uncomfortable pause”

  1. sidsen

    marvin from the movie and marvin from the bbc show
    marvin from the bbc show put cameo in the movie

  2. madhur

    1. Marvin the Paranoid Android as depicted in the movie Hicthhiker’s guide to the galaxy, released in 2005

    2. The old Marvin the Paranoid Android as depicted in the BBC TV series of 1981, was restored and brought for a special scene in the movie Hicthhiker’s guide to the galaxy 2005

  3. duriel

    Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

    The round headed one is from the new(2005) movie
    The flat faced one is from the old(1981) TV series.

  4. Shreyas

    Marvin the paranoid android. First pic is that of Marvin in the movie and the second is the original Marvin from the TV Series

  5. Dibyo

    1. Marvin in H2G2 2005 Film
    2. Marvin in the H2G2 1981 TV Series

    Connect: Marvin the Paranoid Android.

    Seems too straightforward – I hope I didn’t misunderstand the question.

  6. 1) Marvin the paranoid android from the recent movie, The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
    2)A robot which is actually Marvin from the older TV show, which made it’s rather inconspicuous appearance in the movie as a random robot in the queue

  7. marvin..

    pic 1 from the hitchhikers guide movie in 2005

    pic 2 cameo performance (appearing in the Vogon office queue) in the same movie played by the robot used as marvin in the 1981 bbc tv series.

  8. udupendra

    Marvin, the Paranoid Android – as depicted in the movie, and as depicted in the TV series (making a cameo in the movie)

  9. 1. Marvin the paranoid
    2. Aurthur Dent with Marvin’s arm ( The robot looks like the Marvin from the tv series )

    Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy – where they go to rescue Trillian, who is captured by the Vogans, and Aurthur Dent tries to threaten the guards with the it (As though it were a gun)

    I really am not sure what exact connect you guys are looking for :(

  10. duriel

    um, i seriously doubt thats THE connect, unless this is one of the easy ones… maybe something to do with the old Marvin design being reused for a fleeting-glimpse of a role in the new movie?

    or maybe that above is a cromulent answer…

    or maybe it just seems simple…

    or maybe this is a conspiracy to kill my runlength!!!

    oh, life sucks…

  11. RajT

    DON’T PANIC, the connect is Marvin, the paranoid android :)

    The 1st pic is marvin from the movie hitchhikers’ guide to the galaxy.

    the 2nd pic is marvin in the tv series of the ’80s

  12. duriel

    ah, so it is the old marvin cameo… damn, i liked being paranoid…

  13. ok.. one more try

    “The robot in the second pic is the marvin (in the vogon office) from the bbc tv series” – a cameo role in the movie!

    Is that the connect you were looking for?

  14. yaksha

    1>marvin the paranoid android in movie hh2g
    2> again marvin
    Google paranoid Android phone

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