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February 6, 2008

Dance! Dance!

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Cracked by: udupendra , sidsen , teju , madhur , duriel , prasanth , nishansolo , Dibyo , Vinod P.V , Poornima , shashank , Ganesh Prasad , jayanth and Shreyas.


“Dance Raja Dance” is a Kannada song composed by Vijay Anand. It plays as one of the songs on Radio del Mundo, a radio station in GTA Liberty city stories.

As a kid, “Dance Raja Dance” was my all time favorite song :)

17 Responses to “Dance! Dance!”

  1. udupendra

    Radio del Mundo!! Dance Raja Dance is one of the songs played in this GTA Liberty City Stories’ radio station.

    I’ve always wanted to ask this question :)

  2. sidsen

    gta liberty city – radio del mundo – Vijaya Anand – Neeve Nanna

  3. teju

    The song “Dance Dance” features in the Indian Radio Station in the PSP port of the popular game GTA Liberty City Stories… Awesome Q..

  4. madhur

    1. Dance Raja Dance Kannada Movie
    2. GTA liberty city stories

    The radio station Radio Del Mundo in GTA Liberty City Stories plays Vijaya Anand ‘s track Neeve Nanna (Only You Were Mine)

  5. duriel

    Song: “Neeve Nanna” (Vijaya Anand) from movie Dance Raja Dance.

    Cover: GTA Liberty City Stories game.

    Connect: Neeve Nanna is a song in the GTA game, on the radio station Radio Del Mundo.

  6. duriel

    and please, plain audio from next time?

  7. the song neeve nanna by vijaya anand is a part of the soundtrack of GTA liberty city stories(radio del mundo)

    amazing song :D

  8. nishansolo

    The song from Dance Raja Dance, shown in the video was included in GTA.

  9. Dibyo

    The immensely entertaining video (from 1987’s Dance Raja Dance?) is of a song by Vijay ‘Goldie’ Anand, who also contributed the song (‘Neeve Nanna’) to the GTA Liberty Cities soundtrack, where it plays on Radio del Mundo.

    Vijay Anand, thus, connects.

  10. Vinod P.V

    Song from the Movie “Dance Raja Dance” which is a part of the Game “GTA Liberty City Stories”

  11. Poornima

    Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Stories includes this kannada song!

  12. yaksha

    Dance Dance Revolution Internet Ranking Edition

  13. Haven’t heard it, but apparently the song “Dance! Dance! Raja Dance!” is in the game “GTA Liberty Cities”

  14. Ganesh Prasad

    1)Neeve nanna song by Vijaya Anand
    2)Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories

    (1)is a part of the soundtrack of this game on the Playstation 2 gaming console.

  15. dance raja dance comes on one of the indian radio stations in GTA liberty city stories.

  16. Shreyas

    The song “neeve nanna” from dance raja dance was featured in liberty city stories on the Radio Del Mundo station.

  17. Rajavelu

    I discovered this gem playing Radio Del Mundo in GTA today ! Man it is totally awesome, amazed to find the connection. kudos to the whoever got this freaking music to the game.

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