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January 31, 2008


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This question was sent in by Prasanth. Just 3 of 300+, identify the three and name the inventor.

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Cracked by: Dibyo , teju , duriel , Shakeel , udupendra , sumanth , sidsen , jayanth and shashank.

Answer: Nikolai Tesla’s patents on

1) The Tesla coil
2) The dynamo
3) Photoelectric a/c motor

13 Responses to “Hair-raising…”

  1. Dibyo

    Dr. Nikola Tesla

    1. Radio (Apparatus for transmission of electrical energy)
    2. Dynamo Electric Machine
    3. Utilization of Radiant Energy

  2. teju

    1.Tesla Coil Transformer
    2.AC dynamo
    3.Free Energy Receiver

    Nikola Tesla

  3. my question!

    was this tesla or telsa? i seem to have forgotten

  4. duriel

    inventor is Nikola Tesla
    inventions are:
    1.Tesla coil transformer
    2.AC Dynamo
    3.Tesla’s free-energy receiver/ radiant energy system…

    strangely though, the same images in different places have different names. the first one is part of a “wireless transmission system”.

  5. Shakeel

    Nikolas Tesla’s inventions:

    1)Apparatus for tx of Electrical Energy
    2)Tesla’s AC Dynamo
    3)Tesla’s Free Energy Receiver

  6. udupendra

    1. Coil generator
    2. Dynamo
    3. Photoelectric A/C motor

    Nikolai Tesla.

  7. sumanth

    The inventor is Nikola Tesla.

    1) The tesla coil transformer wound in the form of a spiral.
    2)Dynamo Electro Machine or Motor.
    3)Apparatus for utilization of Radiant Energy.

  8. sidsen

    tesla – i can identify the dynamo engine will get back regarding the other two

  9. nishansolo

    1. Electric Doorbell by Doug Hougen.
    2. Dynamo Electric Machine by Nikolai Tesla.
    3. Lightning Conductor/Rod by Benjamin Franklin.

  10. nicolai tesla

    1. Tesla coil

    2. “Dynamo Electric Machine”

    3. Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy

  11. Nikola Tesla

    1. Tesla coil
    2. Nikola Tesla’s AC dynamo
    3. Method of Utilizing of Radiant Energy

  12. sidsen

    Free Energy Receiver and Apparatus for Transmission of Electrical Energy

  13. RajT


    1. Beats me
    2. AC Dynamo
    3. Free energy reciever

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