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January 24, 2008

Orange Juice

devadutta @ 9:51 am, GMT +0000 ( 1201168307 ) Play

1 is the reference image for testing a particular type of software. 2,3 show the results of this test for two of the most popular among this type of software.

What is this test called? and what software are we talking about here?

1. 93c2aa7f0086cfdb45b879c8fe411f3c.png2. 66011693ed3d6118e6ded85c53fe1e8d.png 3.9cf8a74f08d51a310d4363e4ecf9095a.png

Cracked by: teju , madhur , Dibyo , sidsen , duriel , prasanth , Vinod P.V , yaksha , bs and vaibhav008.


ACID2 test for browsers. 2 is IE7’s and 3 is FF2’s results.

Safari was the first browser to pass this test.

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