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January 4, 2008

London, we have a problem.

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It was first described thirty years before Armstrong’s famous line, and updated with the latest tech ten years after its first description, to the form you see it in below.


One of the members of the design team was this guy, who’s more famous for other things.


Identify the device, and name the chap.

Cracked by only udupendra and Dibyo. Great work guys!

Answer: In 1939 (thirty years before the Apollo moon landing), the British Interplanetary Society set forth its designs for a Lunar Lander. With plans to have a 1000 tonne rocket, powered by 2490 rockets, this BIS moon ship was a mammoth of a device. The plans were updated in 1949 with the latest tech, to look similar to what you see in the first picture.

One of the chief members of the design team was Arthur C Clarke.

7 Responses to “London, we have a problem.”

  1. udupendra

    BIS Lunar Lander, Arthur C Clarke

  2. Dibyo

    This is the British Interplanetary Society’s Lunar Lander, which was designed in 1937 and then redesigned in 1947.

    That’s Arthur C Clarke, who was the Astronomer on the design team. His pic made it very easy to figure out.

  3. nishansolo

    The device is Prometheus, from Arthur C Clarke’s short story Prelude To Space.

    The chap is Arthur C Clarke.

  4. BiGFooT

    Pic 1 is of a geosync orbit satellite
    (a communciations satellite maybe ? ).
    Pic 2 is of Arthur.C.Clarke who first proposed the concept in a 1945 paper (

  5. nishas thambi

    Due to problems logging on, i’m leaving this message.

    Arthur C Clarke and the device is Prometheus from ‘Prelude to Space’.

  6. the man is arthur c clarke.. (obiously)

    the device… i’d guess “Prometheus” from Prelude to Space

  7. Gammafunction

    Arthur c Clarke.

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