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January 2, 2008

A name that will never be forgotten.

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Cracked by : udupendra , nishas thambi , Dibyo , Ranjana Ninan , jayanth and bobo.

Answer: The seven people at the top are the seven directors of the nine short films that make up the Animatrix series. The clue is, of course, a picture of the ultra-weird Wachowski brothers(siblings now?) who managed to make one awesome movie, then went on to create two piece-of-crap sequels, and, somehow, produced these mind-blowingly brilliant short films.

7 Responses to “A name that will never be forgotten.”

  1. udupendra

    The Animatrix.

    The first set of 7 pics are the 7 directors of the 9 shorts.

    And then you have the Wachowski brothers.

  2. nishas thambi

    the animatrix- directors of

  3. Dibyo

    These guys wrote/directed the different stories in the Animatrix collection of short animated films, based on the Matrix universe.

    The ugly bald guy and the chick are the Wachowski siblings who created the Matrix universe, more or less.

  4. Ranjana Ninan


  5. directors of the animatrix

    Peter Chung (segment “Matriculated”)
    Andy Jones (segment “Final Flight of the Osiris”)
    Yoshiaki Kawajiri (segment “Program”)
    Takeshi Koike (segment “World Record”)
    Mahiro Maeda (segments “The Second Renaissance Part I” and “The Second Renaissance Part II”)
    K├┤ji Morimoto (segment “Beyond”) (as Koji Morimoto)
    Shinichir├┤ Watanabe (segments “Kid’s Story” and “A Detective Story”)

    the 2 guys in the clue are the Wachowski brothers..

    (A name that will never be forgotten->B1-66ER.)

  6. prasanth

    B1-66ER he first robot to rise against it’s masters?

  7. directors of the segments of the animatrix

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