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December 20, 2007


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Connect all of them


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Bonus credit if you can extend your connect to this


Gammafunction gets the perfect answer along with the bonus credit (this is the bonus credit :P ).
Rohan gets the perfect answer.
nishas thambi is almost perfect in spite of his fading powers due to the missing apostrophe.
jayanth , Dibyo , bobo , shreyas , BiGFooT , A Nony Mouse and Vinay were also more or less correct.


They are all names of Gnutella clients

Quoting Gammafunction:

1.Bearshare (bear)
2.Kiwi alpha (kiwi-fruit)
3.Limewire (lemon)
4.Gnucleus (nucleus)
5.Nutella (on which the name Gnutella is based)

No one quites got the hint in the title, !Useful == Not(Useful) == WASTE which is another p2p network invented by Justin Frankel,co-inventor of Gnutella.

17 Responses to “!Useful”

  1. jayanth

    p2p file sharing softwares.. bareshare, limewire, (G)nutella, etc etc…

    the ping pong problem occurs in most p2p systems.. (exploit of some sort)

  2. Dibyo

    Connection is file-sharing or P2P networks like Bearshare, Gnutella, Limewire, Kiwi Alpha, and the other pic is really low res to figure out what it is.

    There is some mention of something called ping/pong packets of data which are used in p2ps

    shouldn’t I be on 15?

  3. various p2p softwares? bearshare, gnutella, limewire etc?

  4. shreyas

    P2P clients?

  5. shivathilak

    hmm… new zealand special edition stamps?

  6. BiGFooT

    Connect : P2P Networks

    Bearshare , Limewire , Nucleus ( – P2P For The Spoiled) & Nutella(which when added to a GNU gives us Gnutella !)

    For Extra Credit : The Ping-Pong protocol used in Gnutella 0.4

  7. A Nony Mouse

    p2p networks? Bearshare, Limewire, Gnutella …

  8. Gammafunction

    The connect is Gnutella- the file sharing network
    first four pics(L to R, T to B)
    1.Bearshare (bear)
    2.Kiwi alpha (kiwi-fruit)
    3.Limewire (lemon)
    4.Gnucleus (nucleus)

    5.Nutella (on which the name Gnutella is based)

    Ping and pong being packet-types in Gnutella

    for more pictures of fruits visit

  9. gammafunction

    and BTW we never get these ‘bonus credits’ that we are always promised!

  10. Tathagata Chatterjee

    Superfruits.( Types of Berries : Kiwifruit etc)

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  11. Vinay

    Long shot this one…..

    P2P apps.. idea…

  12. All of the above have cocktails named after them….an absurd guess.

    registered BB members can upload pics….yippie!
    so the powers to be finally relent.

  13. Or maybe names of obscure proggramming languages

  14. Rohan

    These are basically file sharing networks?? nutella, limewire, et al..

  15. Rohan

    mor specifically, gnutella networks.. kiwi alpha, bearshare, gnutella, lime wire, gnucleus..

  16. nishas thambi

    nice ques! p2p networks- bearshare, kiwi alpha (?), limewire, gnutella.. no clue about #4 (ares galaxy? things being grokked? :-))

    apparently, there’s something called the ping pong protocol that gnutella uses. would that be the second connect?

    registering made me give up an apostrophe!

    powers slipping… must… get.. apos.. trophe…

  17. nishas thambi

    oh, its a cell!

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