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December 13, 2007

Got a Q on your transcript?

srikanth @ 10:40 am, GMT +0000 ( 1197542439 ) Play

This company was originally founded by Thomas Kelliher as a media business. The capital that was generated then helped the company move on to more interesting things. Today, the company is infamous for its failed experiments.


Identify the company. (Bonus for getting the clue in the title ;) )

Cracked by: udupendra , teju , vaibhav008 , shyam , Vinay , Lord Jim , varun , shivathilak , Vinod P.V , Mahesh , Shakeel , Vinod P.V , sidsen , jayanth , bobo , A Nony Mouse , prasanth , Shiva , Abhishek , Madan , Tathagata Chatterjee and BiGFoot (and yaksha and Keerthi Kiran M and Dibyo).

Answer:The infamous Union Aerospace Corporation, from the Doom series. UAC created all the mischief with teleporting demons from hell and whatnot. See UAC’s official website for more details.

The famous Doom godmode cheat IDDQD is a reference to ID Delta-Q-Delta. DQD was a fictional fraternity of Doom programmers, with the Q meaning that they quit at least one course.

Lord Jim: I’m quite impressed that you took the time to un-doctor my blurring… The geek force is strong with you…

25 Responses to “Got a Q on your transcript?”

  1. udupendra

    UAC from Doom.

    You missed out on a good pun -> you should have said “Id the company”

  2. teju

    The company name is Union Media or now called Union Aerospace Corporation.

    Maybe Q refers to Quake, which was found by ID Software. UAC is a company in the game DOOM by ID Software.

  3. vaibhav008

    Union Aerospace Corporation from doom. god bless doom.

  4. shyam

    Union Aerospace Corporation

  5. Vinay

    Union Aerospace Corporation, from the Doom Series.

  6. The company is the fictional Union Aerospace Corporation in Doom(the logo has not been blurred properly…any photo editor worth its name can extract the original text).

    Not a great fan of Doom, so could not get the clue in the title….something to do with Doom trivia perhaps.

    Beatzo sir( asked a similar question in his quiz.

  7. varun

    douglas kelliher founded “union media” which provided him with the capital to start “union aerospace corporation”. UAC

  8. shivathilak

    the UAC or the Union Aerospace Corporation of Doom!!
    i duuno about the clue though.. im gonna guess its the quantum accelerator used in the gateways.. or is it one of the clues given in the game through which u find the quantum accelerator??

  9. Vinod P.V

    UAC – Union Aerospace Corporation

  10. Mahesh

    Union Aerospace Corporation

  11. Shakeel

    Union Aerospace Corporation(UAC)

  12. Vinod P.V

    Union Media is the name of the media Company Thomas started.

  13. sidsen

    union aerospace corporation.
    IDDQD – and the requirement of at least one Q on the transcript

  14. Dibyo

    Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC).

    About the clue… umm…

    The UAC has/had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. When a company is involved in bankruptcy proceedings (in the US), the letter “Q” is added to the end of the company’s stock ticker symbol.

    (Either that, or it’s some random reference to Quake, or to the Q key in the game)

  15. jayanth

    Union Aerospace Corporation from doom..

  16. union media/union aerospace corporation from Doom.

    q = quake in the title?

  17. A Nony Mouse

    United Aerospace Corporation

    The Q is for Quake?

  18. prasanth

    Union Media – became Union aerospace corporation – founded in 2015

    the symbol is the Union Aerospace Corporation’s Logo

  19. Shiva

    Union Aerospace Corporation, a fictional conglomerate from Doom Series.

  20. Abhishek

    Company : Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC)

    Game : Doom 3

    Clue in the title : Points to Doom

    IDDQD is a cheat in doom

    IDDQD sets the player’s health to 100 and toggles god mode. DQD stands for Delta-Q-Delta, a supposed fraternity for programmers where the requirement for entry was at least one Q (a mark given in college for a class withdrawal) on your transcript.

  21. Madan

    “Union Aerospace Corporation”


  22. Tathagata Chatterjee

    Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC),referenced from the universe as created by ID software game titles.

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  23. BiGFooT

    UAC aka Union Aerospace Corporation : as made (in)famous in the Doom series.
    Its a pretty neat place to work at, actually :)

  24. yaksha

    Union Aerospace Corporation

  25. Keerthi Kiran M

    Union Aerospace Corporation?

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