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December 11, 2007

Beyond UV and IR…

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How are the four astronomers in the pictures below related?

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Cracked by: teju, VikraM, Vivek, prasanth, bobo, Gammafunction, Dibyo, alephnull and Lord Jim

Answer:The four telescopes of NASA’s Great Observatories program are named after these chaps. Clockwise from top-left, they are: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Arthur Compton, Lyman Spitzer and Edwin Hubble

11 Responses to “Beyond UV and IR…”

  1. Subramanya Chandrashekar was the only one i could get
    the connect may be that all of them have an asteroid named after them!

  2. teju

    Names of the 4 “Great Observatories” of NASA.. Chandra, Compton, Hubble, Spitzer.

  3. shivathilak

    X-ray astronomy and X ray telescope.

  4. VikraM

    All give their names (at least parts of their names…) to the 4 ‘great observatories’ of NASA:
    1. S Chandrasekhar- Chandra X-Ray obs.
    2. Arthur Holly Compton- Compton gamma ray obs.
    3. Edwin Hubble- Hubble space telescope
    5. Lyman Spitzer- Spitzer space telescope….

  5. Clock wise : Chandrashekhar, Arthur Compton, Edwin Hubble, Lyman Spitzer.

    All have space telescopes named after them.

    I had used Chandra and hubble in a quiz I had done so I knew their faces. The other two, I just went through a list of all space telescopes on wiki named after people.

  6. prasanth

    All of them are related to space-observatories (part of the Great observatories program)

    Chandra X-ray observatory, compton gamma ray observatory, spitzer space telescope and hubble space telescope

  7. S. Chandra, Spitzer, Compton and Hubble (in no particular order)

    space telescopes/great observatories program

  8. Gammafunction

    NASA’s four great observatories are named after these men.
    1.S Chandrashekar- Chandra X ray observatory
    2. Arthur Compton – Compton gamma ray observatory
    3.Hubble -Hubble Space Telescope (for visible light)
    4.L.Spitzer -infrared Telescope.
    (L to R ,T to B)

  9. Dibyo

    Chandrashekhar, Compton, Hubble, Spitzer. The 4 ‘Great Observatories’ by NASA are named after these gentlemen.

  10. alephnull

    NASA space telescopes. Chandra, et al.

  11. The Four Great Observatories are named after them


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