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December 7, 2007

Careful who you criticize…

srikanth @ 10:18 am, GMT +0000 ( 1197022736 ) Play

This fight between an infamous hollywood director and a famous internet nerd was one of a series. What was the series called, and who are the fighters in this particular bout?

Hear the audio for a host of clues

Cracked by: iamniks, Varun, Dibyo, Keerthi Kiran M, Gammafunction, udupendra, prasanth, yaksha, bobo, sidsen, Vivek, Vinay, Abhishek, and shreyas.

Answer: Uwe Boll, director of many game-based movies such as Bloodrayne, challenged his most vocal critics to boxing matches. (I suppose he wanted to prove that he was just as bad as his movies were). The series of semi-staged fights was dubbed “Raging Boll” by the media. This particular clip was the first of the series, between Boll and Lowtax (AKA Richard Kyanka), Webmaster of the Parody site Something Awful. (Lowtax lost)

15 Responses to “Careful who you criticize…”

  1. iamniks

    Uwe Boll
    v/s Cinecutre Carlos Palencia Jimenez-Arguello

  2. Varun

    The series is called “Raging Boll” featuring Uwe Boll…..
    the video dindn’t play so I guess the participants are Uwe Boll(Duh!) and probably it is the juvenile (5th participant) in the series

  3. Dibyo

    Raging Boll.
    Uwe Boll vs. Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka.

  4. alephnull

    Celebrity Boxing. But I can’t tell who the two ‘boxers’ are.

  5. Keerthi Kiran M

    Raging Boll” event
    German film director Uwe Boll (House of the Dead, Bloodrayne and Alone in the Dark)sent out a public challenge to his (many, many) detractors.

    In the clip, Boll faces Something Awful’s Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka

  6. Gammafunction

    The series is called ‘Raging Boll’

    This fight features Uwe Boll vs Richard’Lowtax’Kyanka

  7. udupendra

    Raging (Uwe) Boll – Match 1, Boll vs. Kyanka

  8. prasanth

    The raging boll event

    the fighters here are Richard kyanka and Uwe boll

  9. yaksha

    Uwe Boll
    Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA
    Webmaster / CEO for Something Awful

  10. raging boll.

    uwe boll, and think rich kyanka with jeff sneider entering just as the clip ends?

  11. sidsen

    raging boll starring uwe boll and kyanka

  12. Uwe Boll and Richard Kyanka. Called the Raging Boll series where Uwe chanllenged his critics to a series of boxing matches.

  13. Vinay

    The director is Uwe Boll.

    The name of the series “Raging Boll”.

    The fighters :

    Uwe Boll


    Richard ‘Lowtax’ Kyanka, webmaster and CEO of Something Awful.

  14. Abhishek

    Raging Boll

    Uwe Boll Vs Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka

    the other four people who fought boll are

    Rue Morgue magazine writer Chris Alexander, webmaster of Cinecutre Carlos Palencia Jimenez-Arguello, Ain’t it Cool News writer Jeff Sneider and Chance Minter, amateur boxer and website critic

    Link :

  15. shreyas

    The series was called “Raging Boll”…
    the fighters here are Uwe Boll and Rich Kyanka, the creator of

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