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December 6, 2007

3..2..1 Fire!

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1 is rather famous for bringing 2 into the British army. 1’s design of 2 was largely borrowed from similar designs used in another army. Which army?

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Tipu Sultan’s Army. Points given for mentioning Hyder Ali too, but not for “Indian Army”.

1. William Congreve
2. Congreve rockets

1 picked up the ideas for 2 after getting hammered by Tipu Sultan’s army in the Anglo Mysore wars.

23 Responses to “3..2..1 Fire!”

  1. teju

    Tipu Sultan’s Mysore Army!!

    1.William Congreve

    2.Congreve Rockets

  2. sidsen

    tipu’s rocket corps

  3. Quehin

    William Congreve, Rockets, Army of Tippu Sultan!

  4. jayanth

    1->William Congreve
    2->Congreve rocket

    these rockets were inspired from the Mysorean Rocket artillery made from iron tubes used by the armies of Tipu Sultan.

  5. congreve.

    tipu sultan’s army

  6. iamniks

    1)Sir William Congreve
    2)Congreve rockets were stick stabilized, and the largest, the 8″ rocket, had a stick over 20 feet long. The bombardment rockets, which were basically cans of powder, were made in 8″, 7″, 6″, 42 pounder, and 32 pounder.

    Congreve was inspired to work on iron-cased gunpowder rockets for use by the British military, by their use against British troops in India by Tipu Sultan during the Anglo-Mysore Wars.

  7. Dibyo

    Rocket technology, inspired by usage by Tipu Sultan’s army.

  8. shyam

    Indian army ?

  9. alephnull

    Tipu Sultan’s.

  10. The rockets in 2 were named after the guy in 1 (cant remember his name). But basically, they were borrowed from Tipu Sultan’s army.

  11. Madan

    1.William Congreve
    2.Congreve rockets from Congreve’s original work.

    The British were greatly impressed by the Mysorean Rocket artillery made from iron tubes used by the armies of Tipu Sultan and his father, Haidar Ali. Tipu Sultan championed the use of mass attacks with rocket brigades in the army. The effect of these weapons on the British during the Second, Third and Fourth Mysore Wars was sufficiently impressive to inspire William Congreve to develop his own rocket designs.

  12. varun

    dunno who the dude is….2 i’m gussing are ballista bolts used by the romans..

  13. shivathilak

    the chinese army!!

  14. shivathilak

    no wait i take that back. the chinese invented it, but the british first encountered it from the Hyder Alis army. so im gonna say hyder ali/ indian army

  15. The man is William Congreve who introduced rockets in the British Army, he borrowed his idea from the rocketeers in Tipu Sultan’s army. Tipu used rockets quite successfuly during the Mysore wars, sadly during the seige of Seringapatam his rocket stockade accidentely blew up which destroyed a part of his fort and ultimately led to the fall of Seringapatam….
    Someone tells me Vijay Mallya was actually looking for Tipu Sulatn’s rockets and not his sword and knowing Mallya it could actually be true :)

  16. Anirudh

    Tipu Sultan’s army

  17. piezocake


  18. prasanth

    William Congreve brought rockets to the Britishers after being fired upon themselves by Tipu sultan’s Army

  19. Gammafunction

    1.William Congreve

    The design of the rocket(iron cased-gunpowder based) was inspired by Tipu Sultan’s rocket used in the Anglo-Mysore wars.

  20. I am guessing Hyder Ali’s army. I believe he was the first to use rockets in warfare.

  21. Tathagata Chatterjee

    Tipu Sultan’s Army. ( Used by Tipu’s army during the Anglo-Mysore wars)

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  22. Anonymous

    tipusultans army !

  23. yaksha

    William Congreve
    Tipu sultans army

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