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November 14, 2007

Look ma! No babus!

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Analogically speaking,

e27d459053f929a3c79b560f5e67ceda.jpg:faf54b299f7a8edaa680443cc39fc946.png:: e808e335fb2594f5ce99a63c041904c6.jpg: ?

Hint: The text in the first logo is (obviously.. duh) cropped :)

Cracked by: Prasad , nisha’s thambi , vaibhav008 , samarth , Gammafunction , alephnull , udupendra , Abhishek , bobo , Anirudh , iamniks , Preetish , prasanth , Varun.M , Keerthi Kiran M , Tathagata Chatterjee , Shakeel , shreyas , deepak and yaksha.

and sidsen of course with his depth 2 answer :)


“Lockheed Martin”‘s celebrated research divsion “Skunk Works” is similar to “Boeing”‘s research division “Phantom Works”. People who work here are apparently free to take their own design decisions with almost no bureaucratic intervention.

22 Responses to “Look ma! No babus!”

  1. sidsen

    analogically speaking –

    1. ghost who walks; the man who cannot die; Guardian of the Eastern Dakk
    2. In database terminology, a read which happens when new rows added by a transaction are visible from another transaction.
    3. an integral part of a 1910 novel by Gaston Lerou.
    4. a menace in a 1999 first of three prequel to a series which should have jolly well been left untouched.
    5. a limb which suprisingly seems to be still present when in actuality it is missing.
    6. a whole set of gorgeous rolls royces.

    analogically speaking of course…

  2. Prasad

    Phantom works.
    Lockheed Martin: Skunk Works :: Boeing : Phantom Works

  3. nishas thambi

    Boeing Phantom Works

  4. vaibhav008

    Lockheed Martin : Skunk Workds :: Boeing : Phantom Works

    Their R&D teams resp. for developing military aircrafts and designs.

  5. samarth



  6. Gammafunction

    Lockheed Martin:Skunkworks::Boeing:Phantom works

  7. alephnull

    I would put a picture of the Phantom here, if I knew how :)

  8. udupendra

    Lockheed Martin: Skunkworks :: Boeing : Phantom Works

  9. Abhishek

    lockheed martin : Skunkworks :: Boeing : Phantom works

  10. lockhood martin skunk works.

    boeing phantom works.

  11. Anirudh

    Lockheed Martin:Skunk Works :: Boeing:Phantom Works

  12. iamniks

    i think its
    Lockheed Martin:Skunk Works::Boeing:Vertol Aircraft corp

    Skunk Works, an official alias for Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs and formerly called Lockheed Advanced Development Projects,is responsible for a number of famous aircraft designs, including the U-2, the SR-71, the F-117, and the F-22.

    Vertol Aircraft Corporation was acquired by Boeing in 1960,[3] and was reorganized as Boeing’s Vertol division. The twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook, produced by Vertol, took its first flight in 1961. This heavy-lift helicopter remains a work-horse vehicle up to the present day. In 1964, Vertol also began production of the CH-46 Sea Knight.

  13. Preetish


  14. prasanth

    lockheed martin : skunkworks :: boeing : phantom works

  15. Varun.M

    lockheed martin:skunk works::boeing:phantom works maaaaa!!

  16. Keerthi Kiran M

    Lockheed Martin:SkunkWorks :: Boeing:Phantom Works

    Wikipedia: The Boeing Phantom Works resembles Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works in some respects.

  17. Tathagata Chatterjee

    The answer is : Phantom Works.
    The analogy is :-

    Lockheed Martin : Skunk Works :: Boeing : Phantom Works.

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  18. Shakeel

    Phantom Works,the research wing of Boeing similar to Skunk works of LockHeed Martin.(Thx to Keerthi for Id first 3 pics..)

  19. shreyas

    Research wings of parent companies(Lockheed martin and Boeing)


  20. deepak

    Boeing’s Phantom Works.The left hand side refers to Skunk Works which is the R&D arm of Lockheed Martin.

  21. yaksha

    Boeing Phantom Works

  22. Lockheed MArtin : Skunk Works :: Boeing: Phantom Works

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