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November 7, 2007

Geek F1

devadutta @ 10:25 am, GMT +0000 ( 1194431146 ) Play

These cars finished 1,2 and 3 in a race held recently. Which race?
(Sorry about the badly mutilated images.. they had their logo _everywhere_ )

1. 834144d6e7dd6dd7459fd04e4f37fac4.jpg


3. 1f49b59d82a99e8db0d29b72e415dd9b.jpg

Hint: Take a close look at the driver’s seat.

Cracked by: srikanth , 2ndratequizzer , alephnull , Teju , Shreyas , yaksha , MGS , Mahesh , Biki ( with a wide smile ;) ) , nihit , Tathagata Chatterjee , Vinod P.V , VikraM , vijayaraghavan , Rahul Ranade , BiGFooT , prasanth , Ganesh Prasad , Gammafunction , udupendra , jayanth and shivathilak.

This is the DARPA Grand Challenge 2007 also called DARPA Urban Challenge 2007, where the challenge is to take a driver-less autonomous car through a racing track. These cars autonomous meaning there is no dude sitting 100m away with a RF remote controlling the car.

Quoting Mahesh for the rest of the answer

“1st Place – Tartan Racing, Pittsburgh, PA
2nd Place – Stanford Racing Team, Stanford, CA
3rd Place – Victor Tango, Blacksburg, VA”

23 Responses to “Geek F1”

  1. srikanth

    The DARPA grand challenge

  2. DARPA unmanned vehicle challenge. CMU first, Stanford second and I dunno who came third.

  3. alephnull

    The DARPA Urban Challenge (last week, iirc).

  4. Teju

    i think its the DARPA Robotic Car Race… No drivers at their seats!!

  5. Shreyas

    DARPA Urban Challenge 2007.

  6. yaksha

    DARPA Urban Challenge race

  7. MGS

    Darpa Urban Challenge :)

  8. Mahesh

    DARPA Urban Challenge “”

    1st Place – Tartan Racing, Pittsburgh, PA
    2nd Place – Stanford Racing Team, Stanford, CA
    3rd Place – Victor Tango, Blacksburg, VA

    The CMU team won a 2M $ for winnign this driverless CAR race.

  9. piezocake

    MIT’s robot car driving competition.

  10. Biki

    darpa urban challenge ….

    2.Stanford :)
    3.Virginia Tech

  11. nihit

    DARPA Urban Challenge…

  12. Tathagata Chatterjee

    The DARPA ( Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) 2007 Urban Challenge Race.
    Basically driverless robotic cars raced through a 96 km urban stretch in less than 6 hours.

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  13. Vinod P.V

    DARPA – Urban Challenge (Autonomous vechile competition).
    1st Place – Tartan Racing,
    2nd Place – Stanford Racing Team
    3rd Place – Victor Tango

  14. VikraM

    DARPA’s Urban Challenge….
    all the cars are unmanned…..

  15. vijayaraghavan

    darpa urban challenge

  16. Rahul Ranade

    DARPA Challenge. I think CMU team won the 2007 version

  17. BiGFooT

    This is the DARPA Urban Challenge 2007 event , basically a race for driverless, robotic cars. The pics are of “Boss” , “Junior’ & team Victor Tango from CMU , Stanford & Virginia Tech resp.

  18. prasanth

    DARPA grand challenge

  19. Ganesh Prasad

    Urban Challenge 2007,the robot car race held by DARPA each year.

    1)Winners : Carnegie Mellon’s Tartan Racing team
    2)Stanford Universty’s Stanford Racing Team
    3)Virginia Tech’s Victor Tango Team

    btw did u take these pics ?

  20. Gammafunction

    DARPA urban challenge – racing robot driven cars.The first three positions went to Carnegie Mellon,Stanford and Virginia tech resp.

  21. udupendra

    DARPA challenge for driverless cars. Hint at the end gave it away.

  22. jayanth

    US military’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency(darpa) race..

  23. shivathilak

    Carnegie Mellon first
    Stanford Second and
    Victor Tango’s “Odin” of Blacksburg, Va. third place

    it was a robotic car developed for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s 2007 Urban Challenge

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