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November 1, 2007

The margin is not big enough..

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This question is based on a suggestion from Purnateja.
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Analogically speaking,

9c2463ed13ad648d04019ea918e79895.jpg : 55f58edb7294a4535bed55bdc96328af.jpg::28a0f2f76df8a73930897b11d26c4d6f.jpg : ?

Tell us the name of the person missing in the analogy. Also, identify the other three.

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Answer:  The missing dude is Henri Poincaré.

Now for the details,
Andrew Wiles proved Pierre de Fermat’s last theorem,
Grigori Perelman proved Henri Poincaré’s “Poincare conjecture”.

Fermat’s last theorem is a deceptively simple looking problem, which says, the equation
n + bn = cn

cannot have integer solutions for values n>2. mathematicians took ages to prove this.

Poincare conjecture is also a deceptively simple looking question put by Poincare which mathemeticians tried for ages to prove until this dude of dudes Grigori Perelman came. He proved it, rejected the Field’s Medal and did not even bother to claim the “Millenium Prize”, which is a Million dollor award.

22 Responses to “The margin is not big enough..”

  1. udupendra

    Wiles:Fermat :: Perelman:Poincare

  2. bs

    Poincare. Andrew Wiles proved Fermat's last theorem, Grisha Perelman proved Poincare's conjecture.

  3. Andrew Wiles:Fermat::Grigori Perelman:: Poincare


  4. shivathilak

    1) The first guy is Sir Andrew John Wiles who proved fermats theorem
     2) The second guy is fermat gave the world that theorem and forgot to write down the proof saying the margin in the book he wrote it down could not accomodate the proof (hence the title :p )
    3) The third guy is Grigory Perelman who proved the Poincaré conjecture (and made a million USD for it)
    4) The missing guy is Jules Henri Poincare whose speculation was proved by Perelman
    5) Phew….

  5. Gammafunction

    Andrew Wiles : Fermat ::Perelman:Poincare
    Fermat's Last theorem:Poincare conjecture

    In Fermat's own words about the theorem:
    "It is impossible to separate a cube into two cubes, or a fourth power into two fourth powers, or in general, any power higher than the second into two like powers. I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this, which this margin is too narrow to contain."

  6. Andrew Wiles: Fermat :: Grigory Perelman: Poincare

    huzzah, one without googling!

  7. shyam

    Henri Poincare, whose conjecture was solved by Grigori Perelman

  8. samarth

    the missing person is Henri Poincare.
    the first three are Andrew wiles, Fermat and Grigory Perelman

  9. alephnull

    Andrew Wiles : Pierre Fermat :: Grigori Perelman : Henri Poincaire

  10. vijayaraghavan

    andrew wiles, fermat and grisha perelman. the person missing is poincare

  11. sidsen

    Andrew Wiles : Fermat :: Grigori Pirellman : Henri Poincaire

  12. iamniks

    Sir Andrew John Wiles:Pierre de Fermat::Grigori Perelman:Jules Henri Poincaré 

    wiles solved fermat's last theorem … in the same way perelman solved poincare conjecture…

    n thanks gammafunction for challenging me to find this..

  13. Tathagata Chatterjee

    The person missing in the analogy is Henri Poincare.
    The analogy is as follows –
    Andrew Wiles : Pierre de Fermat :: Grigori Perelman : Henri Poincare.
    Overall connect : The greatest solved problems in the history of mathematics.
    Tathagata Chatterjee

  14. Andrew Wiles : Fermat :: Grigory Perelman : Henri Poincare

    nice :)

  15. VikraM

    the missing guy is Henri Poincare…..the third guy is Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman….he solved the Poincare conjecture….and he apparently declined the Fields Medal….

  16. VikraM

    sorry for delay…. the second gentleman is Pierre de Fermat, and the first guy is Sir Andrew Wiles, who proved Fermat's last theorem……..

  17. Ok, I'm doing this with absolutely no googling so let's how it turns out.

    I recognize the 'mad genius' of Perelman in the third picture, and he famously solved the long standing Pointcarre conjecture recently while amazingly turning down the Field's medal with a flippant (and probably presumptious) "Nothing I have to say can be of public interest whatsoever".

    Therefore the missing picture must be Pointcarre, as I can assume that the second picture is Fermat and the first therefore must be the guy who solved Fermat's problem… Andrew Wiles right?

    Hope that's something… but seriously, Perelman is the stuff that gives young budding geeks wet dreams. There, I've said it.

  18. jayanth

    Andrew Wiles:fermat::gregori perilman:fields

  19. nihit

    Sir Andrew John Wiles : Pierre de Fermat :: Grigori Perelman : Jules Henri Poincaré

  20. Shreyas

    The analogy is
    Andrew Wiles:Pierre Fermat::Grigori Perelman:Henri Poincare

  21. Rahul Ranade

    Andrew Wiles : Fermat :: Gregori Perelman  : Henri Poincaré

  22. yaksha


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