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October 20, 2007

Around and around

srikanth @ 10:34 am, GMT +0000 ( 1192876490 ) Play

What is this an illustration of?


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Answer: This is the illustration of what we now call Rotoscoping, from Max Fleischer’s original patent of the technique. It was used by Jordan Mechner in animating the original Prince of Persia, and more recently in A Scanner Darkly. (I choose these two because that’s an awesome game and the other is an awesome movie. ’nuff said)

14 Responses to “Around and around”

  1. udupendra


  2. sharath

    Rotoscope -used to bring about animation in movies.
    clue 1: Prince Of Persia
    clue 2:A Scanner darkly

  3. Varun.M

    this is an illustration of rotoscoping

  4. Poornima


  5. Archana

    This picture depicts the patent drawing of Max Fleischer's original rotoscope. He found a method to produce animations more efficiently and economically, and thus came up with 'method of producing moving picture cartoons' in 1915 and patented in 1917.

  6. going by the pic of A Scanner Darkly, rotoscopy/a rotoscope?

  7. Ganesh Prasad

    method of producing moving picture cartoons

  8. sidsen

    animatin start to part finish – rotoscope to rotarization

  9. yaksha

    illustration of : method of producing moving picture cartoons 1915

  10. yaksha

    the thing is called rotoscope
    and the technique is rotoscoping.

  11. Prasad

    Pic 1 shows an animation technique known as Rotoscoping.
    1 is an image from Prince of Persia and 2 is a still from the movie A Scanner Darkly, both of which were created using this technique.

  12. Gammafunction

    This is the technique called Rotoscoping. Animators tracing over shots of real scenes.

  13. rajeshvj

    This is an illustration from the US patent "Method of producing moving-picture cartoons"

    Was easy to crack with Google's Patent Search :P

  14. My N70 says, Cartoonising!! Linklater calls is rotoscoping!! I see it as “Waking Life”!!

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