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October 19, 2007


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Question: what’s special about the comic? It’s chock full of clues, BTW.

Cracked by: devadutta , jayanth , bobo , udupendra , yaksha , BiGFooT , iamniks and Poornima.

Answer: This was a proposed cover to “Inside Macintosh”, the almost legendary Macintosh developer documentation. More details at Folklore, and browse around there to get some good Apple history.

11 Responses to “Folklore”

  1. devadutta

    Inside Mac.. developer manual

  2. jayanth

    its the modified version of the the vault of horror series(which was the original "tales from the crypt") for the Inside Macintosh (the Mac developer documentation) .. 

    p.s folklore was TOO big a give away..

  3. proposed Inside Mac cover with references.

    Thank you google and

  4. prasanth

    It was made such that the comic applied to apple.

    the main dialogue suggests that macintosh was going to take over the market and put IBM out of business

  5. udupendra

    There, that sums it up best.

    And I'm back, after one week of vanavasa.

  6. yaksha

    this is the Inside Macintosh (the Mac developer documentation) cover page.
    The proposed cover of the inside mac which was based on the comic vault of horror. the publication was a combination of the volumes 1,2,3 of the inside mac.

  7. BiGFooT

    This was the proposed cover for Inside Macintosh (the mac developer doc) by Scott Knaster , showing how " Apple was gonna wipe out IBM with the Mac" . Its a take-off on the Vault of Horror series by William.H.Gaines of MAD fame.

  8. iamniks

    Scott Knaster, who was in Apple's developer tech support group when I was working on Inside Macintosh (the Mac developer documentation), has a great sense of humor and is a comic book fan. So it was no big surprise when, shortly before the publication of the combined hardcover edition of Volumes I through III in November 1985, he gave the Inside Mac team a "proposed cover" for that edition that was based on the cover of an old comic book called the Vault of Horror. Scott had given a reprint of issue 20 of this comic (originally published in 1951) to Bill Dawson in Apple's production group and asked him to alter it in certain ways to make it apply to Inside Mac. Bill did this by cutting and pasting with scissors and glue, because in those days there were no other options, like scanning it in and doctoring it in Photoshop. I’ve included the original along with the doctored version in this story, so you can compare.

    for more details visit

  9. sridhar

    bill dawson was the guy in Apple who changed the cover of the comic "Vault of horror".
    The coffin containing the vampire whose heart is having a stake driven through it was labeled "BIG BLUE" to show how Apple was going to wipe out IBM with the success of the Mac.

  10. piezocake

    1st online comic.

  11. Poornima

    The proposed cover page for "Inside Macintosh"(imitation of the cover page of The vault of Horror comic)

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