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October 18, 2007

Duct tape: Holds the world together.

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Identify this TV nerd:

Nothing can stop this man, as long as he has science on his side! With a seemingly never-ending supply of bright ideas, bad guys, and conveniently placed props, this dude has pulled of some extremely awesome “hacks”. For example, he
– once created a rocket launcher using fertilizer and some farming implements.
– unlocked a car’s remote locking system with a mobile phone.
– constructed an airgun from a telescope and an air horn

In short, this man’s genius knows no bounds. He’s more awesome than Chuck Norris and Rajanikanth together. Who is he?

Jayanth , Shashank , Dhruva , sharath , alephnull , Gammafunction , prasanth , iamniks , Prasad , Abhishek , shivathilak , uma , Poornima , bobo and nihit figured it out, using naught but google and wikipedia.

Answer:MacGvyer! The inimitable genius played by Richard Dean Anderson has been the childhood idol of many a geek. Or mine, at least. Explains a lot, doesn’t it. Look through the comments for more links

16 Responses to “Duct tape: Holds the world together.”

  1. jayanth


  2. Shashank

    Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver
    ( in the series MacGyver )

  3. Dhruva

    Richard Dean Anderson

  4. sharath


  5. alephnull

    The inimitable McGyver. Used to be on at 1300 on Star World.

  6. Gammafunction

    Angus MacGyver played by Richard Dean Anderson

  7. prasanth

    Angus MacGyver

  8. iamniks

    Richard Dean Anderson …who has acted in "MacGyver"

  9. Prasad


  10. Abhishek

    secret agent Angus MacGyver played by Richard Dean Anderson

  11. shivathilak

    Richard Dean Anderson aka MacGyver

  12. uma


  13. Poornima

    Richard Dean Anderson?

  14. must be macgyver (sic?)

  15. nihit

    Richard Dean Anderson – MacGyver

  16. I can't believe you put his face up there and expected his name as the answer! It's rather too straight – given rise to the word "MacGyverism" in essence, a modern day word for a technical bricoleur.

    A series from the 80s that got every kid excited about science and technology… well, I'm late but I downloaded 2 seasons and watched! :)

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