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October 17, 2007


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Identify the logo in 1.

When 1 talks about Wikipedia, it shows wikipedia’s logo as 2.

What is wikipedia’s logo made to look like in 2?

Cracked by: srikanth , Dhruva , Varun.M , rajeshvj , Keerthi , Mahesh , sai_ganesh , prasanth , Goutham , shyam , iamniks , BiGFooT , Poornima , alephnull , Gammafunction , yaksha , nihit and Shashank.

1. Is the logo of Uncyclopedia – The content free encyclopedia. It is a satirical parody of Wikipedia and surprisingly enough, it is hosted by none other than Wikia. It is one of the most popular wikis on Wikia. They post articles which are “funny”, not “stupid”. Nice timepass page.

2. Is Wikipedia’s logo made to look like the “Death star” from  Star Wars. This appears on a page on Uncyclopedia which describes Wikipedia.

Read articles on both sites describing each other for a good laugh.

24 Responses to “Villan-pedia”

  1. srikanth

    The Uncyclopedia shows wikipedia's logo, currently, as this adaptation of the Death Star .

  2. Dhruva

    1. Uncyclopedia.
    2. Death star of star wars.

  3. that seems to be the uncyclopedia logo, but I could not find a wikipedia logo that looked like 2 there.

    anyway, it looks like a battlestar ? spaceship, or something.

  4. oh…I found one pic that looks like 2 on the uncyclopedia article on wikipedia……..labeled Wikipedia hq….in a section about the church of scientology !!!!!!!!!

    arbit of arbits.

  5. Varun.M

    the logo represents "Uncyclopedia"- the content-free encyclopediawhich is a satirical parody of Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia's logo is made to look like a "Death Star"(which is a fictional planet-destroying space station appearing in the Star Wars) in 2.

  6. rajeshvj

    1. Uncyclopedia

    2.  Wikipedia is perceived as the "Death Star"

  7. Keerthi

    The logo in 1 is "Uncyclopedia". The wikipedia logo in 2 is
    superimposed on the Great Planet Destroyer "Death Star" of Star Wars Saga

  8. Mahesh

    1. Uncyclopedia
    2. DeathStar

  9. sai_ganesh

    1 – uncyclopedia logo

    2 – wookiepedia logo – made it look like Death star …

    – Sai

  10. prasanth

    1) Unicyclopedia
    2) Death Star from star wars

  11. Goutham

    The wikipedia article in uncyclopaedia
    2. is the death star in The Star Wars

  12. shyam

    1. Uncyclopedia

    In 2, wikipedia's logo is made to look like the death star from Star Wars

  13. iamniks

     1 ) uncyclopaedia's logo…
    2) wikipaedia's HQ – "Wikilandian Death Star"

  14. BiGFooT

    1 is Uncyclopedia`s logo { too bad the admins at work have blocked it out }, its article on Wikipedia shows the Globe Logo as a hollowed out potato.

  15. BiGFooT

    errata :  Thats the Wikilandian Death Star in pic 2 !

  16. Poornima

    1. Uncyclopedia!
    2. Death star impression on wikipedia's logo

  17. alephnull

    (1) is the logo for Uncyclopedia. (2) is a play on the Death Star from "A New Hope".

  18. Gammafunction

    1. is the logo of uncyclopedia- a spoof Wiki-style encyclopedia. 1. is basically a potato.
    2. is uncyclopedia portraying wikipedia logo  as the death-star(Star Wars)

    great question!

  19. sridhar

    wild wild wild guess!
    1. Some literacy mission logo in India.
    2. The wiki logo is made to look like mmmmm… a globe!

  20. yaksha

    death star as shown in star wars

  21. nihit

    Uncyclopedia and the Wikilandian Death Star…

  22. yaksha

    logo 1 > uncyclopedia

  23. Shashank

    1. logo of uncyclopedia
    2. the wikipedia hq according to the uncyclopedia article on wikipedia ( looks like darth vader's hq )

  24. Prasad

    Wikipedia with international signs?

    2 is the death star from Star Wars

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