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October 16, 2007


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Major thanks to Arjun Chennu for filming this and sending it to us. May he have many visitors on his blog, and may his nerdiness know no bounds.

Originally discovered by X, this device shows a phenomenon that has intrigued lots of scientists for ages. X suggested a theory based on Maxwell’s work, which was proved to be false. Schuster and Lebedev conducted lots of experiments to prove that many theories, including X’s, were bunk.

Einstein himself stepped in, and gave part of the reason. But his part wasn’t sufficient. The final part of the explanation was proposed by Osborne Reynolds, based on Maxwell’s updated work :-)

What is this object, and who is X ?

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Answer: X is Sir William Crookes, and the object is what is called a “Crooke’s Radiometer”. Interesting little thing, if you read up about it a bit. Look through the comments for some linkage, and especially check out John Baez’s physics FAQ page on that.

20 Responses to “Spinning…”

  1. Poornima

    Crookes Radiometer invented by William Crookes

  2. devadutta

    Sir William Crookes.. and I cheated :)

  3. sridhar

    X is Crookes radiometer surprisingly made by William Crookes!

  4. crookes radiometer

  5. Varun.M

    This object is called "Crookes radiometer" invented in 1873 by
    X="Sir William Crookes".

  6. prasanth

    The object is a Light-mill/Crooke's radio meter / solar engine
    and the discoverer X is Sir William Crookes

  7. Keerthi

    X is "Sir William Crookes".

    The object in the video is the "LIGHT MILL".

  8. Ganesh Prasad

    Crookes Radiometer invented by the chemist Sir William Crookes

  9. Mahesh Herle

    Sir William Crookes's  radiometer

  10. Dhruva

    obj – Crookes radiometer (light mill).
    X – William Crookes.

  11. iamniks

    X is  Sir William Crookes …. the object is called light mill/solar engine/Crookes radiometer

  12. Keerthi Kiran M

    Its Crookes radiometer invented by William Crookes

  13. shyam

    The object is Crookes radiometer…X—>William Crookes

  14. yaksha

    thingy->Crookes Radiometer
    dude->William Crookes

  15. fsdgdsg

    crooke's radiometer

  16. BiGFooT

    X is Sir William Crookes & the object is the Crookes Radiometer aka "Photon Windmill"

  17. alephnull

    That's a Crookes radiometer which rotates in the presence of EM radiation.

  18. nihit

    Crookes Radiometer and William Crookes

  19. Shakeel

    That is Crookes Radiometer,Invented by William Crooke

  20. Prasad

    Crookes radiometer, also known as the light mill or solar engine and Mr. X is Sir William Crookes. I made it i made it.

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