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October 15, 2007

We had been here recently..

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Cracked by: srikanth , Dhruva , arjmage , prasanth , Gammafunction , Atul Mathew , alephnull , Varun.M , Tathagata Chatterjee , 2ndratequizzer , nihit , yaksha and prasad(late latif :) )

Connect: Paul Allen

1. Seattle Sea hawks, NFL team funded by Paul Allen

2. Allen Telescope Array again funded by Paul Allen

3. Spaceship One, Funded bu Paul Allen

Most people did not get 2, but I have given points to anyone in the general vicinity of Paul Allen.

18 Responses to “We had been here recently..”

  1. srikanth

    Paul Allen
    1) Funded spaceship One (almost single handed)
    2) Owns the Seattle Seahawks
    3) Allen telescope array, again funded by him

  2. Dhruva

    Paul Allen.
    1. He is bidding  for / bought(?)  southampton FC.
    2. Allen telescope array (supporter/funder of SETI)
    3. spaceship one of Mojave aerospace ventures which is owned partly by Allen.

  3. srikanth

    (many thanks, chennu-san)

  4. Connect is "venture philanthropy" by paul allen.

    Allen owns the seattle seahawks (uniform), and funded through the family's foundation the Allen telescope array for a radio interferometry telescope.

    The next picture is of SpaceShipOne… funded again by Allen for the commercian flight into space as part of Xprize.

  5. piezocake

    Houston ? Atlanta ?

  6. prasanth

    Paul Allen (???)
    1) owner of the seattle seahawks
    2) Allen telescope array, paid by him
    3) First privately funded spaceship( funded by allen) to reach space

  7. Gammafunction

    1. Seattle SeaHawks
    3.Scaled CompositesSpaceshipOne

    connect being Paul Allen-owner of 1. and funder of 3.

  8. Atul Mathew

    Paul Allen.

    He owns the Seattle Seahawks NFL team (visual one) and the sole investor in Space Ship one (visual three)

  9. alephnull

    Paul Allen ? (1) is the uniform of the Seattle football team, where Allen was born, lived and worked. (3) is Space Ship One for which he was one of the angel investors.

  10. Varun.M

    picture 1:the taem uniform of seattle seahawks which Paul.G.Allen currently owns.
    picture 2:Allen Telescope Array:joint venture by SETI Institute and the Radio Astronomy Laboratory to construct a radio interferometer for astronomical observations to search for extra-terrestrial beings.Construction began right after, due to the pledge of $13.5 million by Paul.G.Allen to support the construction of the first and second phases. Hence,SETI named the telescope in his honor.
    picture 3:SpaceShipOne, the fully privatelyt funded spaceship that won the Ansari X-Prize in 2004.the spacecraft development costed 25 million dollars, which was funded completely by Paul Allen.And later a documentary called "Black Sky" was made under Vulcan Productions whose chairman is Paul.G.Allen.

    Hence the connect is:PAUL.G.ALLEN(The co-founder of Microsoft).

  11. Tathagata Chatterjee

    The Connect is Paul Allen.
    1) The outfit of Seattle SeaHawks of NFL- which is owned by Allen.
    3) Space Ship One : Allen is the sole investor behind this Burt Rutan project of commercial spacecraft
    2) Allen Telescope Array : Stuff to do with SETI at Hat Creek-to pick up signals from ETs
    Tathagata Chatterjee

  12. my guess is, its
    Paul Allen.

    Thats spaceship one of course, and paul allen is collaborating with Rutan (who designed space ship one) on some projects currently, the telescope is the Allen array (?) run by the seti (and sponsored by paul allen) and is trying to find extraterrestrial life etc…..and i dunno about the american football thing.

  13. seems he owns the seattle sea hawks !

    so it must be him methinks.

  14. Anonymous

    wild guess. Richard Branson. Or something to do with Virgin

  15. nihit

    Paul Allen…
    1) Seattle Seahawks
    2) Allen Telescope Array
    3) SpaceShipOne

  16. jayanth


  17. yaksha

    Paul G. Allen

  18. Prasad

    1. Uniform for the Seattle Seaeagles (Owned by Paul Allen)
    2. Allen Telescope Array
    3. SpaceShipOne(Sponsored in part by Paul Allen)
    Connect: Paul Allen

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