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October 13, 2007

Eponymous question

srikanth @ 10:18 am, GMT +0000 ( 1192270703 ) Play

A little bit of explosives technology for today. The object in the picture below is a unique kind of explosive. It was typically used for clearing barbed wire fences in the battlefield. A series of these would be joined together, slid under the wire, and then the whole thing would be detonated. All this had to be done under fire, of course. What it is?


Answered by: nihit , udupendra , Dhruva , fsdgdsg , bobo , bs , Ganesh Prasad , Varun.M , prasanth , 2ndratequizzer , rajeshvj , Swetha , jayanth , sridhar , iamniks , yaksha , Prasad  and Biki.

Answer:Not much fundaeing required, this is the Bangalore Torpedo.

The tech connection: anything that blows stuff up is cool :-)

(Thanks for covering for me yesterday, Devadutta)

20 Responses to “Eponymous question”

  1. nihit

    Bangalore torpedo…

  2. udupendra

    Bangalore Torpedo

  3. Dhruva

    Bangalore torpedo.

  4. fsdgdsg


  5. bangalore torpedo

  6. bs

    Bangalore Torpedo. But what's the tech connection?

  7. Ganesh Prasad

    Bangalore Torpedo

  8. Varun.M

    the explosive in question is the Bangalore torpedo.
    technically,it was made of 38-40mm tubes each about 2 meters long and each contained an explosive material.
    These were then joined together a smooth nose cap was screwed at the front to prevent it from getting stuck in the ground when being pushed from a distance(under fire) under a barb fence. It would be detonated and this cleared the path for infiltration.
    It is called so because it was first devised by Captain McClintock (british army) at Bangalore somewhere around the early 1910's.

  9. prasanth

    bangalore torpedo

  10. bangalore torpedo

  11. rajeshvj

    Bangalore Torpedo

  12. Swetha

    Bangalore torpedo

  13. piezocake

    Missile ?

  14. jayanth


  15. sridhar

    the bangalore torpedo

  16. sridhar

    dont know if i was logged in earlier.
    Bangalore torpedo, t think.

  17. iamniks

    taking a wild guess.. is this  M1A1 bangalore torpedo …
    which was used in "saving private ryan"

  18. yaksha

    Bangalore torpedo

  19. Prasad

    a bangalore torpedo or a bangalore mine or simple a bangalore.

  20. Biki

    bangalore torpedo …

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