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October 3, 2007


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1,2 and 3 have a common mega geek title.
What is the title? Identify 1,2 and 3 for full points :)

1. 5d8221e35b4a9c20e5c837561be3f867.jpg 2. e3dd3481c9a351936ed11ba6cef0a873.jpg 3. 0ddf1bfbd87232a46912b7b5a8ff394a.jpg

srikanth , udupendra , jayanth , bs , Piyush , Gammafunction , Prasad , alephnull , SidSen , prasanth and yaksha get full points.

“Benevolent Dictator for Life” is the title. Nice title, isn’t it :)

What this means is they have the final word on anything concerned to the projects they control.

1. Guido von Russom for Python
2. Larry Wall for Perl
3. Patrick Volkerding for Slackware

Others with a similar tile include Linus Torvalds for the Linux Kernel.

12 Responses to “(1..3)!=”Mussolini””

  1. srikanth

    The title "Benevolent Dictator For Life" is shared by Guido, Wall and Volkerding for controlling Python, perl and Slackware, respectively.

  2. udupendra

    Title – Benevolent Dictator for Life

    1. Guido von Russom for Python
    2. Larry Wall for Perl
    3. Patrick Volkerding for Slackware

  3. jayanth

    1)guido van rossum
    2)larry wall
    3)patrick volkerding

    the title is BDFL

  4. bs

    Benevolent Dictator for Life (BDFL). Guido van Rossum, Larry Wall and Patrick Volkerding.

  5. Piyush

    All of them are Benevolent Dictators for Life of some open source product.
    1) Guido Van Rossum – Python
    2) Larry Wall – Perl
    3) Patrick Volkerding – Slackware Linux

  6. Gammafunction

    1.Guido Van Rossum-python
    2.Larry Wall-perl
    3.Patrick volderking-slackware

    Benevolent dictators for life(of various open source projects)

  7. Prasad

    1 is Guido van Rossum, the author of Python
    2 is Larry Wall, the creator of Perl
    3 is Patrick Volkerding, the creator/maintainer of Slackware

    They have all been made "Benevolent Dictator for life" of their respective projects and have the final word for any decisions in the project.
    Dont you and srikanth belong up there as well? oh wait, it says benevolent.

  8. alephnull

    Benevolent Dictator for Life. Guido, Larry and Patrick, in that order.

  9. sidsen

    Guido van Rossum, Larry Wall, Patrick Volkerding – BDFL

  10. prasanth

    "Benevolent dictator for life."
    shared by

    Volkerding for slackware, guido for python & wall for perl

  11. Shashank

    I think the connect is "the winners of obfuscated C contest"

    2nd pic is that of Larry Wall
    others, i have no idea

  12. yaksha

    1> guido van russom
    2>larry wall
    3>Patrick Volkerding
    Benevolent Dictator for Life is the name given for their respective jobs

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