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September 12, 2007

The calculative artist..

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Prasad gets a deeper connect. I wonder what he was on :P

Fibonacci Sequence..

1. Sunflower Florets form spirals in 34 and 55, which is a Fibonacci Sequence. Also, like Mahesh Herle points out, the number of petals in any flower is a fibonacci number

2. xkcd’s fibonacci reference.. the dude starts counting the number of times his gf touches him and associates it to the fibonacci sequence.

22 Responses to “The calculative artist..”

  1. srikanth

    The fibonacci sequence.
    1) A number in this sequence is supposedly an efficient number of petals for a flower to have. Ref:
    2) . ’nuff said.

  2. This is the Fibonacci Series

    Too much of under the sheets touching ! hehe .

  3. Vinod

    The connect is the Fibonacci Sequence.
    1.The shaded portion in the comic strip “Alone” is that, 2.The Sunflower’s florets display the arrangement in concordance with the Fibonacci numbers.

  4. udupendra

    Fibonacci series.

    Sunflower florets – 34, 55, 89
    Making out the Fibonacci way in xkcd

  5. Biki

    the golden ratio ….

  6. Biki

    alternately could be the Fibonacci series …

  7. Biki

    sorry for the multiple posting … :) the connect is fibonacci series / golden ratio ….

  8. bs

    Fibonacci series – the spirals on the sunflower follow the series. And in typical xkcd fixation with elementary math-pseudogeekery, the ‘touch-touch’ counts are 1,2,3,5

  9. Mahesh Herle

    The masked text is “Fibonacci numbers”. And the connection of Fibonacci numbers with flowers is that, the number of petals of Sunflower ( i think its _any_ flower ) is generally a fibonacci number.

  10. nihit

    The Fibonacci Sequence…

  11. Does this have anything to do with Fibonacci or the Divin Proportion/Golden Ratio

  12. piezocake

    Fibonacci series.

  13. Gammafunction

    The Fibonacci series.1st pic:Sunflower head displaying florets in spirals of 34 and 55 around the outside constructed by ‘nature’ using the sequence.

  14. Sharath

    Its Fibonacci!!!! Leonardo Fibonacci.
    You see the Fibonacci numbers in the spirals of the sunflowers (“girasole” in Italian).

  15. Preetish

    The Fibonacci sequence is the connect ..

  16. Sandesh

    Fibonacci series………

  17. alephnull

    Fibonacci sequence. The two interleaved spirals of seeds in a sunflower are consecutive Fibonacci numbers.

  18. Prasad

    The Golden Ratio? The model for the pattern of florets in the head of a sunflower is distantly related to the Golden Ration (Polar co-ordinates for the florets around the center use the golden ration).
    The ratio between the part of him that he feels closest to whatever he’s supposed to be feeling close to and the part which is feeling distant follows the golden ratio.

    The ratio of the hands and legs of the stick figures are in the golden ratio.
    The ratio of the sides of the rectangular pillow the dude is resting his head on also follows the golden ratio. As does the bed spread and the bed.

  19. Non Descript

    The Fibonacci sequence. Florets in the sunflower are arranged according to this sequence

  20. yaksha

    The calculative artist is Fibonacci
    The connect explained in detail here:

  21. Fibonacci sequence.

    Sunflowers – opposing spirals of seeds due to the F sequence.

    Cartoon from xkcd, fibonacci blanked out.

  22. Abhishek

    Fibonacci numbers

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