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September 11, 2007


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Identify and connect the 3 celebrities below:
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And just to ensure you’re thinking along the right lines:


Prasad , nihit , Abhishek , Karthik , BiGFooT , prasanth , and Bikiran radioed in the right answer. piezocake and jayanth transmitted some funny signals with a low SNR.

The demodulated signal:

The celebrities in the top row are Marlon Brando, Rajiv Gandhi, and Kamal Hassan (from L – R).  As the links tell you, they all operated HAM radios at some point of time. The hint was to Guglielmo Marconi, just to get you on the right frequency.

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  1. 1.Marlon Brando
    2. Rajiv Gandhi
    3. Kamal Hassan
    Amateur radio(ham) interest is what connects them..
    the dude below is Marconi

  2. piezocake

    Al Pacino, Rajiv Gandhi, and Kamal Hassan all used only static variables in their code. The guy below first demonstated the phenomenon with his until then alive cat.

  3. Prasad

    1. Marlon Brando( Call sign KE6PZH/FO5GJ)
    2. Rajiv Gandhi ( Call sign VU2RG)
    3. Kamal Hassan ( Call sign VU2HAS)

    Connection : Ham Radio. All of them are amateur ham radio operators.

    The extra clue is Marconi.

  4. nihit

    Amateur (Ham) Radio…

    1) FO5GJ – Marlon Brando (Thank you Abhishek)
    2) VU2RG – Rajiv Gandhi
    3) VU2HAS – Kamal Hassan

    Guglielmo Marconi – The inventor of radio…

  5. Keerthi

    The first guy is Marlon Brando(a.k.a Don Vito Corleone). The second guy is Rajiv Gandhi. The third is the versatile Kamal Haasan. The clue is the radio that Mr. Marconi (claims) built. All the three above persons used to take cues of their speeches / film dialogues from a small radio reciever.

  6. Abhishek


  7. Karthik

    Marlon Brando, Rajiv Gandhi and Kamal Hasan.
    Connection:Amateur Radio as a hobby

  8. Tathagata Chatterjee

    The 3 people ( L to R) are : Marlon Brando, Rajiv Gandhi and Kamal Hasan.The hint shows the visual of Marconi.
    The connect is Italy.
    MB played Don Corleone, “The Godfather” from Sicily, Italy. Rajiv Gandhi’s wife is Sonia Maino, an Italian.
    “The Godfather” inspired the Kamal Hasan starrer : Nayakan, where he played the Indian version of the Godfather of Italian origin.
    Marconi is ofcourse Italian and the inventor of Radio Transmission ( controversially!).
    Tathagata Chatterjee

  9. shyam

    Marlon Brando, Rajiv Gandhi & kamal Hassan in that order. The person in the 4th pic is Marconi. The connect is RADIO.
    Brando once wore a Radio receiver to remember his lines in one of his movies.
    Rajiv Gandhi, being a radio enthusiast,supported Amateur Radio activites in India.
    Going with the trend, Kamal Hassan(I think its actually his brother Charu Hassan) too had something to with Radio.

  10. yaksha

    1>Marlon Brando
    2>rajeev gandhi
    3>kamal hassan who claims he is marlon’s son comparing his acting with marlon.
    4>prince charles?
    and the connect is *politics*

  11. jayanth

    thats marlon brando, rajeeev gandhi and kammal hassan..
    and.. er… they all know how to defeat a polygraph test?

  12. BiGFooT

    Connect :
    Rajiv Gandhi = VU2RG
    Kamal Hassan = VU2HAS
    Martin Brandeaux = FO8GJ and he was a HAM operator in more than 1 way ;)

  13. prasanth

    the first three pictures are that of Marlon brando, Rajiv gandhi and kamal hassan.

    the bonus one is of marconi with his first HAM radio

    All three of them were Amateur radio persons or HAMs (i think)

  14. Biki

    all three were/are ham operators ….

  15. vijay

    glad to see all the pictures on sites.thankls in developing ham activities in india goes toVU2RG.

  16. vijaysinh vaghela

    excellant.kamal hasan film hero of india and Late rajiv ratna gandhi.

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