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September 10, 2007

Can you see?

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Identify this famous pair.

The title was a hint asking you to see properly :) Many people missed a subtle difference.

Cracked by: jayanth , bs , srichand , nihit , Abhishek , shyam , Sandesh , ram , alephnull , Prasad , yaksha , Ganesh Prasad , srikanth , Shashank

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie.
Many people thought it was Brian Kernighan and Ritchie… well, near but not right :)

25 Responses to “Can you see?”

  1. jayanth

    Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie.. them unix boys..
    (though the title kinda suggests Brian Kernighan instead of ken.. and he has a beard too..)

  2. pratap

    Kernighan & Ritchie

  3. bs

    Ken Thompson on the left, Dennis Ritchie on the right

  4. Yashwant Kanetkar and his cousin of course! No, I’m just kidding…

    Ken Thompson with Dennis Ritchie.

    Let us all C… :P

  5. Piyush

    Kernighan and Ritchie..

  6. aw, cmon man, too easy.

    These are the gods of C, Brian Wilson Kernighan and Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie.

    Kernighan is the bloke with them spectacles.

  7. nihit

    Dennis Ritchie, Brian Kernighan

  8. nihit

    Sorry, that is Ken Thompson with Dennis Ritchie… Now I can see it is not all C…

  9. Abhishek

    Ken Thompson (left) with Dennis Ritchie (right)

  10. shyam

    Dennis Ritchie & Ken Thompson !

  11. piezocake


  12. udupendra

    Kernighan & Ritchie

  13. Biki

    kernighan and ritchie

  14. Sandesh

    Denis Ritchie & Ken Thompson…….

  15. ram

    Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie

  16. alephnull

    kt and dmr

  17. Preetish

    khushwant singh and tavleen singh

  18. Prasad

    i c a pair a of uber geeks.
    Ken Thompson (left) with Dennis Ritchie (right)

  19. yaksha

    Ken thompson and Dennis Ritchie

  20. Vinod

    Watson and Crick.

  21. Ganesh Prasad

    Ken Thompson(to the left) and Dennis Ritchie (to the right ).
    Creators of the UNIX Operating system.

    [had to almost bribe prasad to get a clue :)]

  22. srikanth

    Ken Thomson and Dennis Ritchie, of K&R fame :)

  23. srikanth

    AAAAHH! I have lost my mind. Ken Thompson has nothing to do with Brian Kernighan… And hence the picture has nothing to do with K&R.

  24. Shashank

    kernighan & ritche

  25. Shashank

    Ken Thompson (left) with Dennis Ritchie (right)

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