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September 5, 2007

What, me worry?

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Identify the author (caricature circled below) of this article that appeared in Mad magazine ~50 years ago.


Cracked by everyone… (piezocake , Keerthi , prabhu_dc , Arun Krishnamoorthy , udupendra , BiGFooT , srichand , bs , Pratap , Swetha , Ganesh Prasad , Sagnik , nihit , shyam , Tathagata Chatterjee , ram , Abhishek , Prasad , Mahesh Herle , yaksha , prasanth , Archana , alephnull, and shashank)

Don Knuth. All fundas explained in the link…

26 Responses to “What, me worry?”

  1. piezocake

    Don Knuth.

  2. Keerthi

    Author: Donald Knuth (it was his first professionally published article)

    Illustration: Wallace Wood

    Src of Picture:

  3. Donald Knuth is the author.
    The potrzebie system . . .

  4. Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures, developed by 19-year-old Donald E. Knuth. According to Knuth, the basis of this new revolutionary system is the potrzebie, which equals the thickness of Mad issue 26, or 2.263348517438173216473 mm.

  5. udupendra

    Don Knuth and his first ‘scientific’ paper.

  6. BiGFooT

    Donald Knuth … talking about the “Potrzebie” system of weights & measures

  7. Donald Knuth… When he was 19.

    For bonus points: the filename was “potrzeb.jpg”, who’s md5sum happens to be 50743a864cd423d320ae7520eaad1fab. Clever idea to include the extension in calculating the sum though

  8. bs


  9. Pratap


    Donald Knuth wrote it.

  10. Swetha

    Donald Knuth
    The Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures published in the Mad Magazine in 1957.

  11. Ganesh Prasad

    The POTRZEBIE SYSTEM of weights and Measures.
    This Article was published by Donald Knuth,who was a famous programmer known for his geek professional humor,in June 1957.

  12. Sagnik

    Donald Knuth, on his Potrzebie sytem of measurement

  13. nihit

    Wallace Wood illustrated Donald Knuth’s “Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures” in Mad 33 (June 1957)…

  14. shyam

    Donald Knuth…Portzbie System of Measurement….featuring in Mad..!

  15. Tathagata Chatterjee

    The author in question is Donald Knuth- the famed mathematician. According to a joke by him, the fundamental unit of force is “Whatmeworry”.( the hint to the question).
    Tathagata Chatterjee

  16. ram

    Donald E Knuth.

    A renowned computer scientist at Stanford.

    Knuth published his first “scientific” article in a school magazine in 1957 under the title “Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures.” In it, he defined the fundamental unit of length as the thickness of MAD magazine #26, and named the fundamental unit of force “what me worry”. MAD magazine bought the article and published it in the #33 June 1957 issue.

  17. Abhishek

    Donald Knuth

  18. Prasad

    Donald Knuth

  19. Mahesh Herle

    Donald Ervin “Ka-NOOTH”

  20. yaksha

    caricature -Donald Knuth
    author- wallace wood

  21. prasanth

    Author was Donald Knuth, a famous geek professional humorist.

    this article was published in a 1957 issue of mad

  22. prasanth

    by the way, the title was the fundamental unit of force according to him [:D]

  23. Archana

    Donald Ervin Knuth…

  24. alephnull

    ‘The Don’ Knuth.

  25. Shashank

    Donald Knuth

    And the pic is Donald Knuth’s “Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures” in Mad 33 (June 1957) illustrated by Wallace Wood

  26. jayanth

    donald knuth…

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