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August 21, 2007

Up and down and up and down

srikanth @ 9:49 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187689778 ) Play

Identify the people in A and B, and connect them with the object in C. The connect is a specific event in the history of science/technology

A)1d9da2f599a740867d8326b94a423727.jpg B) 9a9a035c712ac52d0405c925f53b4efd.JPG


And, as an additional clue (and to add some spice to the question):


This is definitely not a “core CS” question :-)

Almost everyone who attempted identified A and B right, and came close to the connect. I’m going to be somewhat generous.

On the dot:
jayanth, Bikiran, udupendra, nihit, Archana and rishabh

Came really close:
devadutta, Shashank, Abhinav, Poornima, Bikiran, Anuj, sai_ganesh, karthik, Abhishek, bs, dingdong and yaksha



August 20, 2007


srikanth @ 9:44 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187603085 ) Play

We have a guest question for the day. This question comes to you courtesy Prabhu. Thanks a lot dude, and keep ’em coming!

Identify the guy in the pic:



6bf6d02a78de9dd1ddd263de4617b69e.gif a57b735439da51073be76db426fc38d5.jpg

BTW, I’d just like to say that we love guest questions! Send in any questions that you think will befuddle, bamboozle and otherwise baffle our readers to and we’ll review them and put them up (if they meet our exacting standards ;-) )

Note: Don’t forget, there’s a Geek Quiz at the Daly Memorial Hall, Bangalore on August 26th at 2PM. The quiz is organized by the over-bright people at the KQA, so its guaranteed to be a helluva lot of fun. Our advice: be there!

Cracked by everyone… Chargesheeted: Anuj, Bigfoot, Bikiran, Prasad, Abhishek, Nihit, udupendra, Jayanth and Shashank.



August 19, 2007

Like father like son

devadutta @ 9:39 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187516373 ) Play


We have all studied the first man’s theory in high school physics classes. He won a Nobel prize in Physics for that.
His son (the other man) also won a Nobel prize in Physics and made his father really proud.
Identify this famous father-son pair.

Cracked by almost 20 people!
Srikanth, poo, Poornima, abhinavrm, Shashank, nihit, prabhu_dc, Bikiran Goswami, chetanjs, Keerthi, Ganesh Prasad, Sandesh, Mahesh Herle,vinayak, yaksha, Archana, udupendra, jayanth

We also see some new users. Welcome!!


A good reason to register

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Please register. It hardly takes 30s.
Please log in each time you post an answer.
The reason: Every time you get an answer right, you will automatically get a point. On the front page of boiledbeans, you will get to see the top scorers, which we will proudly call — “The Hall of Fame”.
Take a sneak peak at the Hall of Fame here!


August 18, 2007

Blog Post To a German Princess

srikanth @ 10:08 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187431734 ) Play

Identify, and connect the two images below to the field of math/CS. Make your connect as specific as possible:
A) 7cc12b865b8970325208fee34c920a61.jpeg

B) 8495d3b27f79c53b8c153135f3d9a3b2.jpeg

Cracked by: Devadutta, Abhinav (too easy? :-) ), Poornima, Yaksha, Bikiran, Jayanth, Srichand, Keerthi, Anusree, Shashank, Piezocake and Vinayak. Srichand went the extra step to connect with the blog title as well.



August 17, 2007

The Divine Technique

devadutta @ 9:39 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187343557 ) Play

This picture depicts a concept, which is a very powerful programming technique.
Identify the technique. Also, tell us what is special about this picture.


Our friends at the KQA are conducting a technical quiz at the Daly Memorial Hall, Bangalore on August 26th at 2pm. Please be there. We love KQA quizzes and since you are reading this blog, you will surely enjoy them too.

Cracked By:
Srikanth, jayanth, BiGFooT, Hema, abhinav, Sagnik,Deepshikha, Bikiran Goswami, piezocake, Shashank, Archana, Poornima and yaksha

Hema and Poornima got the specialty part. Abhinav came very close.



August 16, 2007

The answer is out there, Neo, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.

srikanth @ 4:18 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187237894 ) Play

Thought I would go a little into geek canon for this question. Connect everything:

Mark 3:11 – Whenever the unclean spirits saw Him, they would fall down before Him and shout, “You are the Son of God!”

Mark 14:14 – and wherever he enters, say to the owner of the house, ‘The Teacher says, “Where is My guest room in which I may eat the Passover with My disciples

Mark 6:16 – But when Herod heard [of it], he kept saying, “John, whom I beheaded, has risen!”

Mark 14:62 – And Jesus said, “I am; and you shall see THE SON OF MAN SITTING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER, and COMING WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN.”

Mark 3:9 – And He told His disciples that a boat should stand ready for Him because of the crowd, so that they would not crowd Him;

Mark 13:32 – But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father [alone].

I need the overall funda for this connect. Individual explanations for each point are not strictly needed.

Tip: Think bold. Google smart.

Cracked By: Abhinav, Devadutta, Jabba. Sandesh was in the general vicinity of the right answer :-)

Answers below:


August 14, 2007


devadutta @ 11:12 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187089963 ) Play

This man, has many firsts to his name.
His initials can be found as the magic number for one of the first file formats Microsoft churned out.
Identify him


Now for the not-so-important stuff.
We try to make the questions as “un-googleable” as possible, but Google is smart and you are smarter, so we place no restrictions on how you arrive at the answer. We are just interested in the answer :)

Cracked by:
Srikanth, prabhu_dc and Anuj. Bravo!!
( Bikiran gets it too, just a bit late )



August 13, 2007


srikanth @ 11:13 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187003610 ) Play

We quiz.

Devadutta and me, we used to engage in this weird activity known as quizzing. Quizzing, if you didn’t know, basically involves a quizmaster (usually a totally pompous guy who’s convinced he’s god) asking a bunch of participants (also totally pompous guys who’re convinced they’re gods) a series of questions. Most of these questions would have absolutely no consequence, no real life value, and were a complete waste of time. But we loved it.

We did show a slight affinity to quizzes with a geeky slant. The more the questions about Google and Star Wars, the more answers we could get. But these so called tech-quizzes are few and far between. So, to attempt to make up for this lack, we have decided to put up a few “tech quiz” questions on this blog.

The rules are quite simple:
– We ask
– You answer
– We tell if you’re right or wrong

So, let’s kick start things off with this one: What is special about this image ?

Cracked by: Hema, Jabba the Hutt, Bikiran, Abhinav, Mahesh (you won’t have it so easy the next time around, mate), piezocake (lbh frrz evtug), Bigfoot and yaksha. Sandesh just made it in :)

Click below for answer:


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