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August 29, 2007

George Bush hates this question

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Identify this unsung hero of modern science:

who was a major influence on the work of this guy:

And both of their work would’ve been useless without this guy’s work:

This question comes courtesy Prabhu, muchos gracias maga!

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Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. One of the first to study how species changed over time, he theorised that “evolution” occurs, and that it was governed by natural laws. Darwin was strongly influenced by his work and, in effect, said that the natural law Lamarck was talking about is the concept of Natural Selection. Lamarck’s and Darwin’s  (and their contemporaries’) work was validated when Mendel’s theories on genetics were rediscovered.

(Bush hates this question because him and his tribe of Cro-magnons are believers in this Intelligent Design concept. Look it up if you really have nothing better to do.)

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