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August 25, 2007

Analogically speaking…

srikanth @ 9:13 am, GMT +0000 ( 1188033239 ) Play

Row 1 and Row 2 below present an analogy each. Complete the analogy in Row 3

1) b06f10af5d85963951f323d581df0e93.jpg : f664b694cb09843287569fb869e058b4.jpg

2)149fdf3994b41a1195576e68cbb3d33e.jpg : e8b34b9fe491f840f1f0dedb4ad34c72.jpg

3)777e99c2342e4b3bfd1fb44141fa6335.jpg : <Insert Answer Here>

You don’t need to post a picture as the response. Just the name will do.

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These are the messages generated by various platforms when they get screwed up beyond recovery; the BSOD on windows and the Sad Mac on Macintosh. For the Amiga Commodore, it was called the “Guru Meditation” error.

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