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August 22, 2007

“Bond” the images

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For all the chemistry fans. Connect images 1,2 and 3

1. b4026ce159c66b1863731ae67d8a1e36.jpg

2.bd5ebd3c03c887e705998a02f194d0e6.jpeg and 3.00f6a9b5fd17fd8fa37819fb7a929ac2.gif

and if you still are looking for hints, try


Perfect answer:
Srikanth, jayanth, Bikiran Goswami, Jayanth Srinivasa, udupendra, asha, Shashank

Acceptably Correct:
Sumant, Mahesh Herle, Keerthi, Prasad ( deceived by the simplicity huh? ), piezocake, yaksha, anuj

Almost/half correct:
Archana, Sidsen, prabhu_dc

p.s: I hate chemistry :)

Read more for the Answer
1. Linus Pauling. Won the Nobel Prize for pioneering work in chemical bonding ( 3 ).
He is the only person to win two Nobel prizes that were not shared with another recipient ( he won one for peace later).

2. Linus Torvalds – He was named after Linus Pauling

3. Benzene ring: Pauling’s “resonance” theory.

and the extra hint 4 was just to help you get to the name “Linus”. ( See udupendra’s comment )
He is Linus van Pelt from the Peanuts.
and the “Bond” in the title was to just give you hint about which concept in chemistry we were talking about.

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