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August 21, 2007

Up and down and up and down

srikanth @ 9:49 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187689778 ) Play

Identify the people in A and B, and connect them with the object in C. The connect is a specific event in the history of science/technology

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And, as an additional clue (and to add some spice to the question):


This is definitely not a “core CS” question :-)

Almost everyone who attempted identified A and B right, and came close to the connect. I’m going to be somewhat generous.

On the dot:
jayanth, Bikiran, udupendra, nihit, Archana and rishabh

Came really close:
devadutta, Shashank, Abhinav, Poornima, Bikiran, Anuj, sai_ganesh, karthik, Abhishek, bs, dingdong and yaksha


(A) is Edison who was a proponent of DC. (B) is Nikola Tesla who advocated AC. AC had clear advantages over DC for distribution and usage, but Edison didn’t want to give up. The war of currents ensued. Edison set up a smear campaign against AC, including funding the development of (C), the electric chair that used AC, to prove AC was bad.

(D) is a shot of Angus Young and Bon Scott, founding members of the band AC/DC. Ashte.

19 Responses to “Up and down and up and down”

  1. 1. Edison
    2. Nicola Tesla
    3. Electric Chair
    Technology: AC
    Edison and Tesla were fighting which was better, AC or DC.
    4. Electric guitar, basically works on induction.

  2. jayanth

    TOOOOOOO many clues… ok we have edison and tesla (inventors of dc and ac currents).. edison developed the electric chair to show the bad and dangerous side of ac current.. the 4th pic is Bon Scott with Angus Young.. who were in a band which derrived its name from a label on the back of a sewing machine owned by angus’ sister, Margaret.

  3. Biki

    A. Thomas Edison : pioneered DC Current
    B. Tesla: Pioneered AC Current.
    C. Electric Chair: “invented” by edison’s company (DC service provider) to discredit AC service porvider (primarily, Westinghouse Corporation), by showing how AC current can kill.

  4. udupendra

    War of Currents.

    Edison, Tesla, Electric Chair, AC-DC – that about sums up the story.

  5. Shashank

    A. Thomas Alva Edison
    B. Nikola Tesla
    C. Electric Chair

    The elctric chair was invented by harold brown who worked under edison. The chair used AC ( Tesla contributed a lot towards developing AC )

    The fourth pic is of the band AC-DC

  6. nihit

    A) Thomas Alva Edison
    B) Nikola Tesla
    C) Electric chair
    D) AC/DC

    Edision was promoting Direct Current, while Nikola Tesla (along with Westingtonhouse) was promoting Alternating Current. To demonstrate the harm that can be caused by AC, Edison became involved in development of the electric chair.

  7. A – Thomas alva edison
    B – Nikola Tesla

    C – The electric chair
    Connect – The method of distributing power (AC) was standardized . Edison was vouching for DC , while tesla was for AC . In the end, Tesla’s AC prevailed, but it took twenty years for Edison to admit defeat. The electric chair also prevailed.
    Not sure what the fourth picture is here for …

    .Points up to 6.

  8. Poornima

    A) Thomas Alva Edison
    B) Nikola Tesla

  9. Biki

    The band is AC/DC …

  10. Good stuff!

    Thomas Edison (DC) and Nikloa Tesla (AC)

    The rock group AC/DC and the connection is probably “Thunderstruck” since it’s indication to electric chair use.

  11. sai_ganesh

    thats Edison and Tesla .. and what looks like the electric chair.. other than that don’t know much … probably some dispute between them ..

  12. A is edison
    B is Tesla
    C must be the AC generator.

    “event” is that AC current, rather than DC current was chosen as the world standard or something…

    D is the band tesla

  13. Abhishek


  14. Archana

    The man in the first pic is Thomas Alva Edison and the man in the second pic is Nikola Tesla. Edison was a supporter of DC power networks while Tesla was a supporter of AC power networks. To discourage the use of AC, Edison started spreading the info abt the fatal accidents that can be caused due to AC. One stratergy he used was electrocution of animals. Hence he and his assistants created an electric chair(pic c) to demonstrate how deadly AC current was. (called ‘the war of curents’)

  15. bs

    A Edison(?)
    B Tesla
    C Electric Chair
    D AC/DC, the band

    Edison initially advocated direct current for the electric chair, Tesla advocated alternating current.

  16. rishabh

    Edison, Tesla, AC/DC wars, AC-DC

  17. dingdong

    Nikola telsa and Thomas edison—>electric chair—-> AC/DC

  18. yaksha

    a.thomas alva edison
    b.nikola tesla the dude who invented the electric chair
    c.the electric chair as a method of capital punishment or a modern meathod of execution.
    and the additional clue is for the *electric* guitar

  19. @Abhinav: Your points are now corrected to 6.

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