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August 18, 2007

Blog Post To a German Princess

srikanth @ 10:08 am, GMT +0000 ( 1187431734 ) Play

Identify, and connect the two images below to the field of math/CS. Make your connect as specific as possible:
A) 7cc12b865b8970325208fee34c920a61.jpeg

B) 8495d3b27f79c53b8c153135f3d9a3b2.jpeg

Cracked by: Devadutta, Abhinav (too easy? :-) ), Poornima, Yaksha, Bikiran, Jayanth, Srichand, Keerthi, Anusree, Shashank, Piezocake and Vinayak. Srichand went the extra step to connect with the blog title as well.


Yes, this one was quite simple. Leonhard Euler (A) tried to solve the problem of the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg (B) and in the process created the first theorem of graph theory. The wiki link has all the info you need. The title is a reference to one of his most famous works, entitled Letters to a German Princess.

15 Responses to “Blog Post To a German Princess”

  1. 1. Euler
    2. Seven Bridges of Königsberg
    Connect: Graph Theory

  2. AAaaaaw , come on !!!

    The 7 bridges of kognisburg and Euler. ( who tried to propose a solution for it with graph theory )

    and since providing the wikipedia link is the norm , here it is :)

  3. Poornima

    Pic 1: It is Leonhard Euler(swiss mathematician)!
    Pic 2: Map of Konigsberg showing the layout of the seven bridges, highlighting the river Pregolya and the bridges.

    Connection:Euler proved that it was impossible to cross all the seven bridges in one walk without crossing any bridge more than once

  4. yaksha

    the dude is Leonhard Euler.

    the image is the Map of Königsberg in Euler’s time showing the actual layout of the seven bridges, highlighting the river Pregel and the bridges.
    He solved the problem of Seven Bridges of Königsberg.
    This solution is considered to be the first theorem of graph theory

  5. Biki

    a. euler
    b. Seven Bridges of Königsberg

    Euler’s solution of the Königsberg bridge problem (whether it is possible to walk with a route that crosses each bridge exactly once) is considered to be the first theorem of graph theory.

  6. jayanth

    euler and the seven bridge problem.. (he proved that it cant be solved)

  7. The two figures are Leonhard Euler and the Bridges of Königsberg. Euler proved that there could be no route that crosses each bridge exactly once. Königsberg was the capital of East Prussia, which makes the german princess, Princess d’Anhalt Dessau the (grand?) neice of Frederick the Great. Euler wrote letters to instruct the Princess in science and mathematics, at the request of Frederick.

    Is that the connection?

  8. Keerthi

    The person is Leonard Euler. He solved the Seven bridges of Konigsberg problem. He was a lead in creating and propagating the mathematical branch of TOPOLOGY/Graph Theory.

  9. The picture at the bottom reminds me of the bridges of koinsberg problem. I’m guessing the dude is Euler. Tell me if I’m on the right track.

  10. Shashank

    Leonhard Paul Euler and Seven Bridges of Königsberg
    Euler proved that it is not possible to walk over the seven bridges exactly once

  11. piezocake

    Euler, Konigsberg bridges, Eulerian circuit.

  12. Sandesh

    Euler’s theorem of traversability …..

  13. Euler’s solution to “The Seven Bridges of Königsberg” problem formed the basis for first theorem of Graph Theory. And the German Princess is a reference to his “Letters to a German Princess”.

  14. keerthi.m.rar

    The guy is Leonard Euler. The picture in B is a pictorial representation of the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg. Euler Laid the foundation for a branch of mathematics called TOPOLOGY and solved the Seven bridges problem using graph theory.

  15. nihit

    Leonhard Euler and The Seven Bridges of Königsberg – Eulerian path in Graph Theory

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