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August 17, 2007

The Divine Technique

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This picture depicts a concept, which is a very powerful programming technique.
Identify the technique. Also, tell us what is special about this picture.


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Srikanth, jayanth, BiGFooT, Hema, abhinav, Sagnik,Deepshikha, Bikiran Goswami, piezocake, Shashank, Archana, Poornima and yaksha

Hema and Poornima got the specialty part. Abhinav came very close.


“Iteration is human, recursion is divine “
The answer is recursion. The Droste Effect.
Although there are many such recursive logos and pictures, the effect is named after the Dutch cocoa brand Droste and this picture is seen on the Droste box.

13 Responses to “The Divine Technique”

  1. Srikanth

    To iterate is human, to recurse, divine.

  2. jayanth

    i think you mean recursive loops (infinite here) .. cos the pic shows a woman holding a box and a cup with the same image over and over again…

  3. BiGFooT

    Recursion methinks ?

  4. Hema

    It represents Recursion.
    The picture is a recursive picture(described as Droste effect, named after Droste, a Dutch brand of cocoa, whose box has a picture of a nurse carrying a serving tray with a cup of hot chocolate and a box of the same brand of cocoa.)

  5. This symbolizes the Droste Effect ! ie recursive imaging , one droste cocoa logo inside the other . popularised by MC escher. Programming technique : recursive programming , say one function calling another ( eg to calculate the factorial of a number )

  6. Sagnik

    The programming technique is recursion

  7. Deepshikha

    The concept is recursion. I don’t know what is special about the pic.. will wait for someone to answer that

  8. Biki

    looks like … recursion …

  9. piezocake

    Recursion, seems like. How about “first recursive picture on the internet” for the second part ? ;)

  10. Shashank


  11. Archana

    I guess its recursion.

  12. Poornima

    The technique is Recursion!
    The picture is a visual form of recursion known as the Droste effect. It is named after Droste, a Dutch brand of cocoa.

  13. yaksha

    recursion. and whats special………?
    recursion of the image is only on the box and not on the cup.

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