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August 13, 2007


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We quiz.

Devadutta and me, we used to engage in this weird activity known as quizzing. Quizzing, if you didn’t know, basically involves a quizmaster (usually a totally pompous guy who’s convinced he’s god) asking a bunch of participants (also totally pompous guys who’re convinced they’re gods) a series of questions. Most of these questions would have absolutely no consequence, no real life value, and were a complete waste of time. But we loved it.

We did show a slight affinity to quizzes with a geeky slant. The more the questions about Google and Star Wars, the more answers we could get. But these so called tech-quizzes are few and far between. So, to attempt to make up for this lack, we have decided to put up a few “tech quiz” questions on this blog.

The rules are quite simple:
– We ask
– You answer
– We tell if you’re right or wrong

So, let’s kick start things off with this one: What is special about this image ?

Cracked by: Hema, Jabba the Hutt, Bikiran, Abhinav, Mahesh (you won’t have it so easy the next time around, mate), piezocake (lbh frrz evtug), Bigfoot and yaksha. Sandesh just made it in :)

Click below for answer:

This is, obviously, a photograph of a band called Les Horribles Cernettes (a parody band that was founded at CERN). Back in the day, Tim Berners-Lee was looking for an image to post on his newfangled “internet” concept, and used this picture of some of the early members of LHC, thus making this the first picture ever seen through a web browser on the WWW.

17 Responses to “Beginnings”

  1. anon


  2. Hema

    The first photo published on the web.

    (Early birds should get gifts :-P )

  3. Jabba the hutt

    I would hazard a guess that this is the all female band at CERN. Their image was the first to be posted on the “internet” by Tim Berners Lee

  4. Biki

    First pic to be uploaded on the net by berners lee …

  5. Easy one to kick start :

    Its the first image on the internet ! The much ridiculed bunch from the “rock band” at CERN .

    p.s : do I get some brownie points ?

  6. Biki

    Alternately …
    They were the first rock band to have a website or to be posted on the web…

  7. Kishen

    The 4 gals are from different pictures?

  8. Mahesh Herle

    Coming to the answer part… its “The First Ever Photo Published On The Web”.

    Coming to how i got it:
    it was too easy for me.. i searched for “lhc5.jpg” in google images, and i got into this page:

    I am not claiming that i knew this before… i just came up with the answer…
    he he he… too bad.. you didn’t think of renaming the file… :)

  9. piezocake

    Frrzf yvxr gur svefg vzntr ba gur vagrearg.

  10. BiGFooT

    a gud one to start off with !!!
    thats the first pic to be uploaded onto the Web :)
    ps : better make ur policy on googling and wiki`ing clear for quizzers have no conscience in such matters ;)

  11. The all physicists group started at CERN. Name is a take on the famous play “Les Miserables.”

  12. narayana

    i see an indian there :P

  13. yaksha

    the les horribles cernettes’ band hosted one of the first website on the WWW. and this image may be their first image on that web…

  14. Sandesh

    First photograph on net!!!!

  15. Abhijit

    Are they all from MSRIT !!! :-)

  16. Are you kidding me!!! All I had to do is refresh the screen and I see 14!!! godamn comments!!!!

    I am impressed . . . .
    Well! as long as Eric Schmidt is alive everyone will have an answer!!!

  17. srikanth

    prabhu_dc: Comments are moderated because we don’t want people who post earlier clueing/misleading people who post later. I approved all of them en-masse, hence you saw a sudden burst of comments…

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